Authentic Jewellery – Classy and Unique – categorically designed with you in mind at Bespoke Forever, Hatton Garden.
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Authentic Jewellery – Classy and Unique – categorically designed with you in mind at Bespoke Forever, Hatton Garden.

You are welcome to the cradle of Bespoke Jewellery in London!

“As a designer and craftsman of bespoke timeless jewellery, it is my sole responsibility to interpret a client’s thoughts while taking him or her along a magical course of journey exploring the options of design and gemstones. This is how we at the Bespoke Forever collaborate with our customers to create a fascinating piece of jewellery which in turn redefines class and taste of whoever it is concerned.”

Life Time warranty

For Bespoke Jewellery Designs

When you Design and Buy Bespoke jewellery from us we give a lifetime guarantee for Polishing and Cleaning your Bespoke Jewellery. We believe in the quality of our jewellery we manufacture and we stand by everything we manufacture. We pay special attention to details in everything we make.

All our products are inspected and checked before delivering it to our customers to make sure the item is in immaculate condition.  In any case even if there is a manufacturing problem, we offer a Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee, where we assure you that we will repair your jewellery for a for free.

We are a completely family-run jewellery house located at Hatton Garden in London. The baton of our business has only changed hands over generations although the motto and dedication has remained unchanged. We have curved out a unique identity for ourselves in creating mesmerising and bespoke engagement rings across London. Our chic and stylish products are thoroughly crafted by hands. You are assured to find the most fitting engagement ring with us both for you and your ‘significant other’ that reveals your delicate taste as well as refined style. Thanks to our business links to some of the major diamond suppliers in the world, Bespoke Forever can offer you high end jewellery products at competitive prices.

Ring Customisation

At Bespoke Forever, you can customised many of our hand-crafted wedding rings and engagement rings with color gemstones, color diamonds and/or alternative metal options to create a ring that is perfect for your unique personality. If you wish, we can create and design a one-of-a-kind ring to your specifications, using state-of-the-art technology that brings your vision to life.


Professional and Reliable
Bespoke Jewellery Service You Can Trust

Handmade In London

Quality Craftsmanship

Exceptional Values

Years Of Experience

Certified Diamonds

Based in London

Customise your jewellery with us

As a house of unique jewellery in London, we at Bespoke Forever allow customers to customise their own jewellery. We appreciate when they bring their creative ideas and innovation to the table. We just infuse a little inspiration to trigger a process that brings new life and fresh charm to a family heirloom. And this makes us one of the most assured destinations for jewellery remodelling in London.

Bespoke jewellery designing to redefine class

As one of the bespoke jewellers in London, Bespoke Forever offers customers with a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and computer-aided design or CAD. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we unfailingly provide a set of six unique designs for every order to handle. Along with that we also offer our expertise and advice on the designs to help our customers choose the top-grade diamonds and colourful gemstones.

Bespoke jewellery designing to redefine class

At Bespoke Forever, we believe in unparalleled customer service. We pay attention to every intricate detail in our work to leave nothing to chances. Thus customers expect nothing but unique jewellery in London from us and we are assured not to let them down. We are different from many of our competitors because we are a traditional family jewellery house having modern edge. Our robust and dedicated team at the Bespoke Forever will keep working with you till the moment your design gets enlivened. Our in-store team of designers is technically sound in CAD imagery and also possesses impressive level of creativity and innovation to create the precise fine jewellery items that perfectly match with your requirements.

We understand that every jewellery order or requirement is unique. We invest our passion, efficiency and honest advice together to ensure a greater value of money for our customers. At Bespoke Forever, we also deal in an exquisite range of finished pieces that you can take home any time. The impressive range of GIA certified bespoke diamond rings and jewellery at our London store has a steady demand among customers. Moreover, we are also your assured destination for authentic gemstones.

gold ring with brilliants

Please feel free to ask our team for help

Our friendly and knowledge team of experts is ever ready to help you making the right decisions on buying, choosing and designing unique jewellery in London. Considering your hectic schedule our ‘brick and mortar’ stays open 7 days a week. At the Bespoke Forever you can be assured to get only the finest variety stones at our boutique jewellery storefront located at the centre of Hatton Garden. Our in-store team is dedicated to make your jewellery buying experience strikingly pleasant.

Bespoke Engagement rings in our London Store

At Bespoke Forever you are assured to get a wide and alluring range of bespoke engagement rings in London. In fact, we will be involving you thoroughly in crafting your chosen object with your chosen designs, diamonds and other precious and colourful gemstones.


Remodelling jewellery

As a trusted destination for jewellery remodelling in London we are always on your side to help breathe new life into an old jewellery item with our extensive jewellery remodelling service.

Propose with one of our wax rings

Bespoke Forever allows you design your chosen ring starting from selecting your preferred stones and other relevant design elements.


Customised and appealing wedding rings

The world just admires your choice when you choose one of the custom wedding rings in London that are available in our storefront at Hatton Garden.

Customised eternity rings

Bespoke Forever is also home to a fascinating range of customised eternity rings to celebrate milestone events of life in a grand and tasteful way.


Thoroughly customised jewellery range

We are your most assured bet to create thoroughly customised wedding jewellery including the engagement rings, designer cuff links, statement dress rings and others.


Our bespoke jewellery design procedure

At Bespoke Forever we believe in traditional craftsmanship. But we have also blended the latest digital technology in form of computer-aided design software and 3D printing to redefine the horizons of designing the best jewellery in London.


To start with

We start designing your jewellery with a customary consultation. This interactive session helps us to know your tastes, style and preferences based on which we move on the procedure to design your signature jewellery items. Once your ideas are completely transformed into a series of six completely different designs, we take out the hardcopies on a 3D printer. You take the final call there and ultimately your prized products are ready.

It is relevant mentioning in this context that this procedure of bespoke jewellery designing in London proves cost-effective which in turn makes our products a little more affordable.

Customised design

The fascinating range of our bespoke jewellery in London is carefully customised motivated by your story. Unlike other jewellery makers we do not limit ourselves to fusing great designs with the fines gemstones and diamonds. Rather we also emphasise upon flawless gold-smoothing to provide a state-of-the-art finishing to every product.

Why choose us as bespoke jewellers in London

Competitive pricing – Quality jewellery in London is available at a globally renowned district called the Hatton Garden. This area – often termed as The Garden – is home to hundreds of successful jewellery businesses. The problem is to choose the right business house from such an incredible number of options.

The Bespoke Forever – our family-run jewellery shop is also located right here. And we offer a competitive pricing on our every product. We are an independently owned business running across generations. We can afford to omit many advertising strategies and brand premiums. These factors allow us offer authentic gemstones and high class jewellery products at a much affordable price than in any high street storefront.

High clarity diamond – the clarity of diamond is the crucial factor specially while choosing

bespoke engagement rings. It is one of the four C’s that you ought to be looking for while investing on the dazzling crystal. At Bespoke Forever we deal in diamonds that have high clarity to provide greater value of money to our customers.

Focus on items that last long – jewellery has to be durable or it does lack class. While shopping in Hatton Garden do not look for silver jewelleries or other similar varieties that are not durable. Those items wear off easily. Durable jewellery items reflect your strong dedication and commitment for that special person more than anything else. This is why we recommend platinum merchandises that are in abundant at our unique jewellery store in London.

Jewellery cuts and shapes do vary – every diamond jewellery item at Bespoke Forever comes in distinct cuts and well-defined shapes. Remember that cuts and shapes are crucial to consider while assessing the quality of any diamond. While assessing the standard of a cut you are actually judging how competently the item has been shaped and crafted. The better the job is done the higher is the price of the dazzling crystal. As bespoke jewellers both online and offline we offer customers more for less.

Just drop in to shop today!

Bespoke Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and more

Do you need a gemstone earring or eternity ring for your loved one? How about a lovely collection of men’s rings to choose from for Father’s Day or his Wedding Day? Or perhaps, gold engagement rings for an upcoming pre-wedding party? No matter what the occasion, Bespoke Forever has the answer. 

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A highly personalised approach to Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

At Bespoke Forever, our fine jewellery artists use both artisanal jewellery crafting techniques and the latest 3D printing technology to create downright beautiful and awe-inspiring pieces of jewellery. 

From weddings rings and engagement rings to men’s rings, gold engagement rings, solitaire ring and much more – we are proud to be among London’s finest jewellers, helping couples, families and individuals make their dream complete.

Diamond Engagement Rings in the UK and more – About Us  

Bespoke Forever has been working in the UK jewellery industry for over __ years. Offering a completely bespoke service for a variety of high-quality engagement rings and wedding rings, our expert team can source the finest gemstones, diamonds and precious metals to bring your unique jewellery idea to life. 

Our service is friendly, inclusive, collaborative and thorough. We take the time to listen to each one of our client’s needs and do our best to exceed their expectations in more ways than one. 

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Bespoke Ruby Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings and more – Our Process

Well-trained in both traditional jewellery making and 3D CADCAM technology for bespoke engagement rings, eternity rings or wedding rings, our team provides a well-informed and highly competent design consultation before getting to work on your customised gemstone rings, emerald cut engagement rings or, say, sapphire and diamond ring. No matter what kind of design ideas you have for weddings rings or an engagement and wedding ring set, our team would love to take a listen and provide a masterpiece which remains in your family for generations to come. 

Initial consultation 

The initial appointment starts with us sitting down to understand the full requirements of your engagement rings or wedding rings, where we will also detail the methods and technology used to craft your masterpiece(s). If you’re interested, we can also delve in deeper to explain how the diamond rings or, for example, sapphire rings manufacturing process works – whichever one you choose, we’d be happy to demonstrate everything from start to finish. 

However, before scheduling our appointment, we will also source a range of precious stones for you, handpicking diamonds, sapphire, gold or gemstones according to your requirements and then selecting the ones with the most quality and value. Our team understands that finding the right materials for your eternity ring, for instance, or diamond rings is not just a matter of seeing through a list of attributes laid out on a certificate. 

Characteristics and attributes of gemstones or diamonds can vary a lot even if, on paper, it says they have the same characteristics. Our experience and expertise in selecting the right stones for you diamond engagement rings or gold engagement rings ensures that you wear only the best quality wedding rings and engagement rings. 

The design 

Once we’ve had an exchange of ideas and our team has a clear understanding of your vision, we will show you a few rough sketches. Once you handpick the appropriate stone for your diamond wedding rings, halo engagement rings or gold wedding rings, we can swiftly move onto creating a computer-aided design (CAD) model. We will share these designs with you via email so that any changes or adjustments can be made as desired, rather than you having to meet with us for every change or improvement to the design. 

We use the latest software and technology to come up with an accurate-to-scale CAD model as it allows you to see what your 1 carat diamond ring or pear-shaped engagement ring, for example, will look like before we commit to the final design. 

The delivery 

You’ve now had a chance to review multiple iterations of what the finished design may look like. As soon as you give us the go-ahead, our team will get to work on your diamond earrings, bespoke engagement rings, platinum wedding bands or whatever you have in mind. We’ll provide you with a delivery timeframe and deliver the finish product right at your doorstep! 

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Not sure how to find the right Diamond Eternity Ring or Silver Engagement Rings?

We get this from our clients a lot: they have some really great ideas for, say, princess cut engagement rings or gold engagement rings, but they’re just not sure where to start with the design. 

Bespoke Forever can certainly help you decide how to buy the perfect wedding rings, engagement rings or diamond earrings!

When the thought of buying an Eternity ring or perhaps gemstone earring crosses your mind, the first thing you need to do is commission a completely custom design which does justice to your unique vision, style and taste – rather than one which is an off-the-shelf “one size fits all”. The ultimate advice that we give all our clients is to go with an independent diamond engagement rings UK designer rather than the big-name brands, no matter how enticing their collection may seem. 

While the latter option may sound feasible to some people, it isn’t for everyone – in fact, we’d go as far as to say that most people are much better off and generally happier getting a bespoke engagement and wedding ring set made which they can pass down for generations. If you and your future partner are dreaming of getting a set of beautiful platinum rings or gold wedding rings, for example, by all means, run your plans through a custom jewellery designer like Bespoke Forever to see the exciting possibilities. 

Today, most couples, individuals and families alike are looking for sapphire engagement rings or ruby engagement rings which are less traditional – something which truly represents their personal style and taste. However, even if you’re someone interested in going down the traditional route when it comes to bespoke engagement rings, we will help you maximise your budget and find something truly rare but also ethical to make your life-changing occasion extra special. 

At Bespoke Forever, we believe the future of jewellery lies in an independent jewellery designer where each product is beautifully, sustainably and ethically made by skilled craftsmen whose expertise and experience is downright superior – compared to mass-made lesser-quality, cookie-cutter designs available around every corner or big brand name shops. 

By working with an independent diamond engagement rings UK designer, you can check-in at each stage of the design process to make sure that the materials are best-in-class and that the design of your, say, emerald cut engagement rings or princess cut diamond ring is 100% in line with your vision. If you think about it, asking an independent jewellery designer to work on your silver engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, square engagement rings or whatever design you have in mind – means you’re extracting a lot more value out of your budget, much more so than a financial saving alone. 

With all the above, we understand how investing in a custom eternity ring or diamond earrings for the first time can be a bit daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what we recommend you do when deciding on a design for your bespoke engagement rings:

Be bold, defy tradition

Tradition has often dictated that a brilliant cut and round solitaire ring made from diamond can be from among the best style for engagement rings. However, what tradition doesn’t tell you is that there are a plethora of options available today which can be not only more pleasing to the eye and carry more sentimental value, but also save you money which you may blindly spend on these ready-made wedding rings or diamond rings. 

Many people who approach us as their diamond engagement rings (UK) designer worry if certain designs are even possible or whether certain kinds of gemstones can even be ethically used in jewellery. We remind each client that there’s no right or traditional way of getting lab grown diamonds, for example, or art deco engagement rings made. Rather, we encourage them to always think outside the traditional box – to be bold and brave and rely on ‘gut instinct’ and inner tastes more than anything else. And, it so happens that we know a thing or two about designing bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings! 

It always pays to put everything happening in your life on hold and just think deeply about what your partner truly likes and wants to wear. If, deep down, you know that you’re the kind of woman who mostly has a penchant for diamond engagement rings, or that your partner does not have a particularly strong liking towards, say, a halo ring, then you really shouldn’t be following tradition just because it’s the norm. 

Just leave it up to us as your diamond engagement rings UK designer and we’ll bring heart-warming inspiration and ideas to the table. In fact, it’s not even your responsibility to begin with, when it comes to men’s rings or a fashionable Eternity ring for women, for instance. As long as you have a rough idea of what kind of diamond rings or gemstone rings the two of you might agree on, we’ll take it from there – our team is extremely adept at coming up with some brilliant designs for engagement rings based on even the most basic information from you. 

Utilise your budget effectively

This one happens to be one of our favourite tips, which we are especially fond of sharing with those who are only starting to look into customised gold engagement rings or diamond engagement rings, for instance. We feel it’s important to know how staying away from “big brand name” fine jewellers can save you lots of money. 

As an independent diamond engagement rings UK designers, our team at Bespoke Forever does not work out of an overly expensive showroom, where the designer ends up passing on the cost of running such a place of business to their customers. 

Our team of jewellers have worked with some of the biggest fine jewellery names in London – they have ‘Bond Street’ experience but work out of our studio in Holborn, London, where they have access to the best equipment, software and technology to produce absolutely stunning designs for bespoke engagement rings. This also means you don’t have to worry about the huge mark-up which big-name jewellers pass down to customers due to operating out of a large and expensive boutique. 

Talk it out openly with your “jewellery store near me”

You’ll find that after doing a quick search online for “jewellery store near me”, you may come across a variety of options to ‘design’ your piece of jewellery virtually and then pass it on to the designer. However, there’s only so much you can do with a limited number of options that a “jewellery store near me” might offer you online. 

On the other hand, when you take the time to speak to a designer specialising in bespoke emerald cut engagement rings, silver engagement rings or halo engagement rings, for example, you can achieve so much more than simply clicking on a few options on a web page. 

When speaking directly to a designer who truly understands the underlying art and craftsmanship involved in diamond wedding rings or whatever your preferred style is – you can convey your vision and design approach, from the exact width of your platinum wedding bands, for example, to the shape of the claws which will hold the gemstone in your solitaire ring. Our designers’ interactions with thousands of clients to date means that they will ask you some very pertinent and relevant questions – uncovering ideas and style philosophies which you will end up loving, even if you’ve never considered them before. 

Our designer would be happy to meet you in person to understand your vision and then show you more than a handful of solitaire engagement ring ideas or, say, small hoop earrings design ideas, depending on what you have in mind. 

Don’t ignore your ‘gut’ feeling

As a result of helping people find the perfect Eternity jewellery, rose gold engagement rings, platinum rings and more, we’ve noticed how most people generally have a fairly good idea and understanding of what they’re interested in – a much better idea, in fact, than they give themselves credit for. 

So, when it comes to selecting the right sapphire and diamond ring, for example, or a sapphire engagement ring, you’d be surprised how straightforward it can be to choose one that speaks to you after viewing only a few “samples” shown to you by the designer – all of which may seemingly have identical characteristics at first but are actually quite unique from each other. 

You don’t have to be a gemstone or jewellery expert of sorts to decide what kind of emerald cut engagement rings or art deco engagement rings are right for you and your future spouse. Sometimes, all it takes is listening to that inner voice and gut instinct, so to speak, when viewing samples and then just going for it!

Bespoke Forever houses a stunning collection of Bespoke Engagement Rings

Are you thinking about getting beautiful engagement rings for yourself and your loved one? We have just the thing!

We’re here as your personal jeweller, borrowing from your ideas and then providing tailored advice on what kind of bespoke engagement rings are best for you and your future spouse. We’ll keep you informed throughout the design process so that you know exactly how your princess cut engagement rings or square engagement rings, for example, will turn out. 

What to consider when buying bespoke engagement rings

  • Don’t worry about whether rose gold engagement rings are better or a diamond eternity ring for your engagement – our designer will jot down the rough ideas you have in mind and then offer tailored advice on what’s best for you and your future spouse. 
  • Some couples tend to panic, especially as the engagement date is veering closer and they’re not sure where to start with the design. It’s absolutely nothing to worry about! We will show you a collection of unique design ideas – from halo engagement rings and square engagement rings to silver engagement rings, art deco engagement rings, and more. One of them is bound to instantly click. 
  • Engagement rings tend to take anywhere between 7-11 weeks to prepare, so make sure you give yourself enough time prior to the proposal date.
  • If you don’t reside anywhere in London, that’s okay. We can schedule an initial consultation via Skype, Face-time, WhatsApp, email, etc. whatever works for you. We’ll work our schedule around you and pop online to discuss your design ideas and keep you posted once you’ve finalised the design of your engagement rings.

Want to make your engagement rings or sapphire engagement rings extra special and have them tell a unique story? How about a diamond eternity ring or perhaps ruby engagement rings made from the highest-quality stones? We know exactly where to source nature’s most precious gems – just get in touch with us and we’ll show you a few diamond engagement rings (UK) designs to help you decide. 

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Only the most unique collection of wedding rings at Bespoke Forever

Looking for breath-taking wedding rings for the big day? Throw us a few design ideas and we’ll take care of the rest!

Wedding rings are kind of a huge deal, aren’t they? They’re the most significant piece of jewellery you’ll ever wear and we’re here as your gold wedding rings (and other stones) design expert to provide the ultimate in fine detailing, durability, immaculate fitting and overall comfort. 

Our designer will collaborate with you at each stage of the design process for your wedding rings, making the journey exciting and all the more memorable.

How to choose the right design for wedding rings

  • Even though it’s best to have a face-to-face with our designer if you live anywhere in Holborn or London, we understand if you don’t have the time to share your ideas in-person for an engagement and wedding ring set or diamond wedding rings, for example. We’d be happy to arrange online sessions where we’ll also share progress of the design you choose for your wedding ring, as well as the materials and stones we’ve sourced. 
  • Many couples tend to go with an engagement and wedding ring set, so if you need a completely bespoke ring designed and made to match with your engagement ring, let us know. If you’re not sure which style or shape of engagement and wedding ring set to get, just send some photos along with any notes you wish, and we will explain all the different design choices available for diamond wedding rings, for example, or gemstone rings for your wedding.
  • One thing that prevents people from buying customised diamond rings (for their wedding), for instance, is not knowing which metals or materials are best. But after one consultation with us, where we will familiarise ourselves with your lifestyle, tastes and preferences, you’ll have more than a few design choices to take inspiration from.  
  • The idea of a customised diamond pendant, sapphire engagement rings or gold wedding rings is something that couples may find intimidating at first because they’ve probably bought ready-made designs in the past. Don’t worry though, we would be happy to show you a variety of designs from the outset, such as Eternity ring for women, platinum wedding bands or sapphire and diamond ring (all meant to be worn on your wedding day). You’ll then start to have a better idea of which style and design to go with. 
  • Diamond rings, gemstone rings, gemstone earring, solitaire ring, sapphire engagement rings or diamond eternity ring – no matter what kind of bespoke jewellery you need for your big day, it may take up to 7-8 weeks to complete. Furthermore, wedding rings in particular have fine details like stones and engravings which can take up to 8-10 weeks. So, plan accordingly. 

Working with us as your gold wedding rings maker or “jewellery store near me” for wedding rings, you will surely be pleased from start to finish. All it takes is an initial meeting where you can discuss all your wedding ring ideas – from beautiful sapphire rings and ruby rings to eternity rings, diamond rings, or whatever you have in mind, really. Let’s discuss your design today!

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Choosing the perfect Wedding and Engagement Rings – Let’s get started!

Choosing the right wedding or engagement rings can often be a daunting task, especially if you’re in the market for the first time looking for halo engagement rings or sapphire engagement rings, for example. No matter what your tastes may be in wedding or engagement rings, Bespoke Forever is here to help. Here are some ring ideas to get you started:

Diamond engagement rings (UK), diamond wedding rings and eternity rings

Diamond engagement rings in the UK can have as simple or as flamboyant a design as you like. And, when it comes to diamond eternity rings or sapphire and diamond rings, for example, there are ideas a plenty. 

Diamond rings are a symbol of romance, love, affection and drama. You can always choose a clean and round-cut twist which is always simple yet timeless, if you’re a minimalist. Or, you could go with diamond rings which exude more flair and drama, such as two-tone pave diamond wedding rings or diamond engagement rings. 

However, there are also other options you can experiment with, such as a princess cut diamond ring for wedding, princess cut engagement rings, sapphire and diamond ring, diamond eternity ring or those with rose twists and a knotted pave. In fact, halo engagement rings with a diamond as the centrepiece have become a widely popular choice among couples. 

While traditional brides tend to choose a large centre diamond bordered by two lovely side stones, the fashionable and trendy bride will usually go with stones of almost equal size to show off some consistency. In this case, a princess cut diamond ring is downright perfect, especially when you match it up with coloured gemstones on the sides. 

Did you know that a princess cut diamond ring or princess cut engagement rings has become one of the most popular forms of diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings here? And, this is something many brides to-be may not know but a princess cut diamond ring happens to be less expensive than a ring with round brilliant diamonds. Despite it’s more “economical” price, a princess cut diamond ring will still provide an impressively high level of brilliance, giving you plenty of sparkle due to the way it is cut from a rough diamond. 

Many brides who are on a bit of a budget tend to choose a princess cut diamond ring and princess cut engagement rings as it is about 40% less expensive than traditional diamond engagement rings or diamond wedding rings with a round cut diamond. If you have your mind set on a princess cut diamond ring, then our experts are here to guide you. Whether it’s matching a diamond to a particular setting or assessing diamond clarity, we can help you choose the right princess cut diamond ring and princess cut engagement rings which match your underlying taste and especially, your budget. 

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The natural brilliance and geometric shape of a princess cut diamond ring as well as princess cut engagement rings makes it a fantastic choice for a sleek and modern style of diamond wedding rings or diamond engagement rings. However, that’s not to say that a princess cut diamond ring cannot be worked in any other style, as they work equally well in ornate vintage style diamond wedding rings. 

Unlike the traditional round shape found in diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings, there are no universal expectations in terms of what a princess cut diamond ring or princess cut engagement rings should ideally look like. This is so because a princess cut diamond ring may differ according to the pattern on the crown and the total number of cuts on the pavilion – neither of which impact the overall quality or value of your diamond wedding rings or diamond engagement rings, so it’s a matter of which one you prefer. 

For instance, the crown of your princess cut engagement rings or princess cut diamond ring for wedding (the part facing up when you look at it) may have either bezel or French corners. If you prefer better durability in your princess cut diamond ring, for example, you should stick to bezel corners – that is, unless you have a strong preference for diamond wedding rings or diamond engagement rings with French corners. 

Diamonds are not just a “girl’s best friend” but also come in a variety of shapes. From oval cut and pear shape engagement ring to emerald cut, cushion cut and round brilliant cut – all are excellent choices when it comes to diamond engagement rings in the UK. In fact, another popular choice for couples is a sapphire and diamond ring. Sapphire and diamond rings can add extra personality to your diamond weddings rings, with the symbolic sapphires bringing about positive connotations of wealth and harmony. If you’ve never considered a sapphire and diamond ring when searching for diamond engagement rings or diamond wedding rings, then Bespoke Forever would be happy to provide you with a handful of ideas.

For instance, you can have your sapphire and diamond ring set in a distinctive bezel settings with round-cut diamonds and sapphires on it. You could also have a platinum eternity ring displaying a sapphire and diamond ring pattern, adding a dose of positive energy to a classic style. Another option couples can experiment with for their sapphire and diamond ring is to have graduating sapphire and diamond ring silhouette featuring alternating sized of round-cut stones, all held in a beautiful dome-shaped bezel. 

Yet another very popular style for a sapphire and diamond ring is to have alternating round-cut diamonds and sapphires display proudly on an eternity ring. If that’s not what you’re quite looking for, you can shortlist a few diamond weddings rings or diamond engagement rings styles, and then have your sapphire and diamond ring made in a half-sphere dome, creating a very contemporary appeal with just a soft touch of modernity. No matter what style you end up choosing for your sapphire and diamond ring, we’re here to guide you from start to finish. 

If you’re not really held back by your budget for diamond rings (live a little!), then a really good option which you’ll fondly look back on for the rest of your life, is a 1 carat diamond ring. Now we’re really upping the ante! A 1 carat diamond ring is going to make for some very eye-catching photos, not to mention the stunned look on people’s faces! Many couples tend to go for a 1 carat diamond ring as it’s neither too big nor too small, when it comes to diamond engagement rings in the UK or diamond wedding rings. 

With a 1 carat diamond ring, there are a number of styles for diamond engagement rings you can experiment with – from a solitaire ring design to a halo ring design and more. In fact, in recent years, the halo ring design for 1 carat diamond rings has become very popular – where your 1 carat diamond ring design has the central diamond flanked by smaller (and less expensive) diamonds. In this configuration, the central diamond stands out due to the surrounding smaller diamonds, thus, making halo rings a great choice for a 1 carat diamond ring. 

Most brides going with diamond rings also tend to prefer the traditional solitaire ring style where the design is rather simple but still boasts unmatched appeal. However, if you’re simply not sure what style to choose for your 1 carat diamond ring, then a round and brilliant diamond cut is always great. 

A common concern people often have when deciding on a style for their 1 carat diamond ring is the colour grade. For example, if you choose a 1 carat diamond ring which has a very high colour grade (D colour), you may be spending more than you’d like to – or, if you go with a low colour grade for your 1 carat diamond ring (L or M colour), you may start to notice a yellow tint in your diamond which is something most people generally do not like, when it comes to diamond engagement rings in the UK. 

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you want a 1 carat diamond ring with a white gold or platinum style, ‘I’ colour is fine, but if you want your 1 carat diamond ring to have more of a rose gold or yellow tint, then ‘J’ colour might work fine. In any case, we can certainly help you choose the best colour and style for your 1 carat diamond ring, based on your core preferences and tastes. It really isn’t that complicated, even though it sounds like it might be, especially with such a wide variety of choices for diamond engagement rings in the UK.

Not interested in any of the above? An eternity ring for women is just what you need. A diamond eternity ring symbolises continuous love, compassion and commitment. Interestingly, the idea of a diamond eternity ring was born in Ancient Egypt, where simple carved rings have been uncovered in multiple dig sites. Of course, the idea of a ‘diamond’ eternity ring for women came about much later in the modern world. Today, many modern wedding customs will see the bride wearing a stunning diamond eternity ring and why not? After all, ‘eternity ring for women’ symbolises powerful and everlasting commitment as well as love between two people. 

However, a diamond eternity ring can also be used to mark a special milestone in relationships other than marriage – e.g. when a new child is born. You can even buy a diamond eternity year many years later to mark the number of years you have been married to your loved one. When it comes to an eternity ring for a woman, there’s no better alternative than a diamond eternity ring as nothing is quite as precious, rare, beautiful and timeless as a diamond. So, if you decided to explore some ‘eternity ring for women’ options with a diamond at the centrepiece, great! To choose the right diamond eternity ring, you need to first consider some shapes – for example, baguette cut, princess cut, round brilliant cut, etc. 

Round brilliant diamonds are quite common in eternity rings for women as they have the maximum amount of sparkle. A diamond eternity ring with a round brilliant diamond is a classic choice and suits most brides to-be. 

Princess cut diamonds offer a square shape and are nearly as popular for diamond engagement rings in the UK. These are commonly found in diamond eternity rings because the diamonds can be set very closely together, forming a beautiful and flawless band of brilliance across your wedding finger! These kind of diamond engagement rings in the UK boast a contemporary elegance which is absolutely timeless. 

A diamond isn’t the only mainstream choice, however, that you’re limited to. Eternity rings for women can also be outfitted with coloured gemstones – a less expensive option but elegant and stylish nevertheless. With that said, you could even have your eternity ring for women infused with both gemstones and diamonds – now, how about that? 

Eternity rings for women are typically available in gold and platinum, which are two of the most precious metals used in diamond engagement rings in the UK and other types of eternity rings. The metal you choose for your eternity ring depends on multiple factors; ideally, it’s best to get an eternity ring for women which matches the wearer’s current jewellery collection, especially if she plans to wear the eternity ring between the engagement ring and wedding ring. 

While diamond engagement rings in the UK are a widely popular option for many couples, they aren’t the most feasible one for those who are not willing to spend beyond a certain limit. And, as attractive diamond engagement rings in the UK may be for a life-changing occasion, there certainly are other great alternatives for those who are willing to be happy with less. So, if diamond engagement rings in the UK or eternity rings are not on the cards, we’d be happy to recommend other alternatives.

Sapphire rings (and sapphire engagement rings)

Sapphire rings and sapphire engagement rings are not only beautiful to look at and admire, but they can easily resist a lifetime of wear and tear as well as abuse, thanks to sapphire’s high durability. Interesting to know is that while many people believe that sapphire rings and sapphire engagement rings are typically available in just royal blue, they’re actually available in nearly every colour you could imagine. We’re talking about sapphire rings in lavender, orange, yellow, rose gold, teal, green and even pale pink sapphire engagement rings made famous by Princess Eugenie of York. 

Naturally, the traditional deep blue tone for sapphire rings is something many brides end up going for, especially since it was made famous by Kate Middleton’s ultra-exquisite royal blue sapphire engagement rings which she wore to mark the occasion. 

Did you know that sapphire rings as well as sapphire engagement rings are typically less expensive than those made from diamonds of similar shape, design and carat? Due to this, white sapphire rings have grown to be a rather popular alternative to traditional diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. Therefore, go with sapphire rings if you’re looking to maximise the centre stone’s size while staying within the confines of your budget. 

The mineral family which sapphires originate from (corundum) boast the second-highest relative hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, next to a diamond (10). This makes sapphire rings excellent gemstones for daily wear, as well as engagement and wedding rings. Sapphire rings/sapphire engagement rings also do not have any “cleavage”, so they’re very hard to break if struck against a solid object or surface. Plus, at-home care for sapphire rings is really straightforward – some warm soapy water is all it takes to keep your beloved sapphire rings sparkling clean. 

Ruby rings (and ruby engagement rings)

Ruby rings in general and particularly ruby engagement rings have been a traditional choice for both weddings and engagements as well as other important life events. Wearers of ruby rings and ruby engagement rings understand all too well that these lovely coloured gemstones are a representation of wealth, success and romance. Thanks to the gemstone’s beauty, durability and rarity, ruby rings as well as ruby engagement rings are considered prized gems. 

The red tone in ruby engagement rings signifies love and life. If you look closely at a ruby ring or ruby engagement ring under the sun, you will find that the stone has a heart-warming glow to it. Ruby engagement rings have been staple among celebrities – both the Simpson sisters wore gorgeous ruby rings on their engagement while Prince Andrew proposed to her future “to be”, Sarah Ferguson, with a stunning ruby engagement ring in 1985 to go with her red locks!

Suffice it to say, ruby rings and ruby engagement rings especially, hold a lot of appeal, and are an excellent choice for engagements and weddings or any event that you consider important – such as an upcoming anniversary where you might want to gift your loved one a precious ruby ring. 

Ruby engagement rings are available in different tones of red – some enjoy darker tones in their ruby rings while others prefer a more medium-tone or a pink-red ruby ring, to be more specific. 

Bespoke Forever offers unique styles and designs for ruby engagement rings – share a few ideas with us and we’ll get started on your bespoke ruby engagement ring to produce an awe-inspiring design. 

Gold engagement rings and gold wedding rings

Gold engagement rings are a traditional option for many couples planning to say their “I dos” in the near future. Gold has always been a classic choice, so when you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many choices, a gold engagement ring is a safe bet. 

Additionally, there are some very compelling reasons to go with gold engagement rings:

  • Gold engagement rings are more affordable compared to platinum ones.
  • Gold engagement rings do not react with other chemicals, making them a great choice for everyday wear. 
  • Gold engagement rings are readily available, with a very broad selection of design and style choices. 

There’s also white and yellow gold engagement rings to choose from. As you might imagine, white gold engagement rings boast a slightly ‘whiter’ tone while ‘yellow’ gold engagement rings boast a more bright yellow finish – with the latter being harder. 

Gold wedding rings are always a classic, elegant and beautiful choice as there are so many style options to choose from. For instance, if you’re looking for some old-fashioned elegance in your gold wedding rings, then there’s plenty of ‘vintage glamour’ options available.

A gold wedding ring doesn’t have to have just gold. For example, you can have a gold wedding ring in, say, 14k yellow gold with, perhaps, a half carat round cut diamond on top. Or, you could choose a gold wedding ring with rose gold and a non-traditional gem to match. 

Some couples still want to experiment generously with their gold wedding rings, in which case you could have yours designed in a contemporary style with stunning lines running across it and lots of sparkle. Alternatively, your gold wedding ring can also be designed in a two-tone style – white and yellow gold or white and rose gold intertwined in a beautiful band with a round cut centre diamond maybe? 

Bespoke Forever offers plenty of options for gold wedding rings, just let us know your ideas or we’d be happy to share some of our own if you like. Our team has more than just a handful of gold wedding ring ideas to get you prepared for the big day! 

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Solitaire engagement ring & solitaire rings for weddings (and more)

Solitaire engagement rings typically have minimal details or extra adornments, so buying solitaire rings means you’ll be saving a bit of money while still getting a great ring. Therefore, a solitaire engagement ring can definitely get you more ring for your quid. This also means that solitaire rings allow you to choose a larger, more attractive centre stone with noticeably better colour and clarity – hence, producing more of the “wow” factor, compared to other styles.

Solitaire rings can accommodate varied settings for the centre stone. Even though most traditional style solitaire engagement rings have a prong-set diamond, solitaire rings can actually hold the centre stone in a number of ways; you’ve got chandelier settings, bezel settings, and even tension settings, giving you a unique range of customisation options when it comes to solitaire engagement rings and solitaire rings in general. 

Solitaire rings are very versatile owing to their simple look; in fact, solitaire engagement rings with a diamond as the centre piece are highly versatile when it comes to matching them up with the right platinum wedding bands, for example. Almost any platinum wedding band can be paired up beautifully with a solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire rings in general also pair up very well with a variety of clothing and jewellery styles. 

Even though it’s best to involve your future wife to-be when looking for a solitaire engagement ring, you may want to surprise her on a very special day which means looking for the perfect solitaire ring design on your own is a pretty safe bet – they’re so versatile and offer a rich variety of style and design choices, we’re sure she’ll love it! Just speak to our professional ring designer about her tastes, and we’ll both surprise her when she least expects it!

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Did you know that a solitaire ring can accommodate just about any diamond shape? Even though a round solitaire engagement ring is a traditional and highly classic choice, that’s only the beginning when it comes to solitaire ring options. There are pear-shaped, emerald cut and cushion cut solitaire engagement rings, for example, all with centre stones of just about any shape you might desire. 

Art deco engagement rings

Art deco engagement rings have become very popular as of late because they tend to make such a big impression, both in terms of size and personality! This is so because the style lines and shapes in art deco engagement rings are something almost everyone can identify with: they’re instant classics. Who can say no to art deco engagement rings with a cool shining platinum, sapphire and diamond combo or a large emerald cut? Since these looks almost never go out of style, art deco engagement rings lend an amazing sense of timeless elegance to any outfit, event or occasion you might imagine. 

One of the most major design elements that really stand out and draws people to art deco engagement rings is the shape – whether it’s a large and prominent centre stone or an architecturally-inspired design, art deco engagement rings always feature bold and beautiful shapes. While some art deco engagement rings feature varied contrasting shapes, such as a round centre in a cushion halo, others highlight large emerald cut centre stones mirrored with lovely horizontal and vertical lines. 

One design element, however, which is unique to art deco engagement rings, is the use of small square gemstones set in halos, rather than tiny rounds. Another common theme for art deco engagement rings is to add trapezoidal or triangular side stones to a square or round centre, adding a lot of extra flair and interest to the piece. 

Art deco engagement rings resurrect a roaring trend in jewellery from the 1920s and 1930s, offering soft intricate designs and large diamond shapes cut into a variety of geometrical shapes. Not sure which style of art deco engagement rings you prefer? Talk to our ring designer today to get started.

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Silver engagement rings

If you’re somewhat limited by budget, then silver engagement rings are an excellent alternative to white gold or platinum rings. Not only are silver engagement rings vastly less expensive but they are also very malleable. This means silver engagement rings allow you to experiment with a variety of intricate designs and delicate patterns, in addition to a simple yet classic configuration, of course. 

Silver engagement rings do require extra-good care in order to keep the metal tarnish-free and to retain their sparkle over the years, so that’s something to keep in mind. With the right (and loving) attention, silver engagement rings can be treasured just as well as a gold or, say, platinum ring. 

Did you know that sterling silver engagement rings have been used to make engagement and wedding rings for centuries? This is because in some cases, fine silver has proven to be too soft a base for silver engagement rings, and so, sterling silver is used instead. Bear in mind though that it requires the same level of care as regular silver engagement rings, so you can’t expect it to stay in flawless condition when using soap or hand sanitiser over it several times a day. 

Despite their timeless and classic beauty as well as versatility, silver engagement rings can be difficult to source or find easily at the majority of jewellers. Even leading fine jewellers have a fairly limited supply and the same goes for the styles and design options available. However, with Bespoke Forever, you’ll never have to worry about not finding silver engagement rings in your desired design and style. Our designers can source silver engagement rings easily and offer a broad range of style/design options to make your upcoming event or occasion extra special. They have vast experience in helping couples choose the perfect style silver engagement rings and won’t hesitate to do the same for you.

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Square engagement rings

Even though often overlooked, square engagement rings are a unique alternative to those with round-cut diamonds. Square engagement rings, or more specifically “square cut engagement rings”, come in three unique styles: princess cut, cushion cut and Asscher cut, with princess cut engagement rings in particular being a very popular choice among brides to-be and celebrities around the world. 

You would have likely seen many celebrities wearing princess cut engagement rings, including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, making princess cut quite possibly the most popular type of square engagement rings – with the cushion cut being somewhat similar except that the sides are softer looking and rounded. The Ascher cut style of square engagement rings have a step cut facet arrangement, giving it a “windmill” effect of sorts. 

Square engagement rings are generally a contemporary design choice which evokes emotions and messages from the past. They’re perfect for women who have slender fingers but want to make their fingers look shorter. All in all, square engagement rings tend to make quite the style statement for those who don’t mind mixing classic tradition with a bit of artistic flair. 

Besides choosing square engagement rings as a personal style, there’s a practical benefit of buying one because square engagement rings with a diamond cut are less expensive compared to those with a brilliant round cut diamond. So, in essence, square engagement rings and even princess cut engagement rings, in some cases, can cost up to 20-35% less than those having traditional brilliant round cut diamonds. 

Among square engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings happen to deliver the best performance and sparkle, owing to its cutting style. However, that’s not to stay that the other styles of square engagement rings are slouches. If you’re not sure which style is right for you, perhaps it’s a good idea to start with princess cut engagement rings. However, if princess cut engagement rings are not particularly well-suited to your aura, we have more than a handful of ideas to share with you. 

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Halo ring and halo engagement rings

Ever considered a halo ring for your engagement or wedding? You definitely should as halo rings help accentuate your ring finger, while offering a number of long-term benefits:

A halo ring can make your centre stone look huge from a faraway distance – so, for instance, if you have a 1-carat diamond on your halo ring, it will look like a sparkly 2-carat diamond from a distance! Plus, if you’re looking for a high-quality ring with a diamond without spending too much cash, then a halo ring will help you achieve that full look. 

If you’re new to the idea of a halo ring then it is a ring which features a centre stone surrounding by a full loop of smaller stones, typically diamonds. The square diamonds or concentric circle in a halo ring makes the centre stone appear much larger and more brilliant, especially at a distance. 

Halo rings are commonly paired with platinum wedding bands and other kinds of bands, such as pave bands, but they can stand out just as well on their own with a basic, unadorned band. 

You could opt for a double halo ring setting too, which consists of two concentric circles of gemstones beautifully circling the centre stone. Or, you might try hidden halo rings, where the setting features a complete loop of gemstones or diamonds that sit right underneath the centre diamond. Hidden halos offer the halo ring extra brilliance and character, and is a fresh alternative to traditional halo rings. Depending on the halo ring design you choose, hidden halos are also a great way to make the centre stone appear bigger. 

Once you’ve decided that it’s a halo ring you want for an upcoming event or special occasion, you can choose from a broad range of styles, such as halo rings featuring a gemstone or floral design, or those with a vintage touch. 

Here are some halo engagement ring ideas to get your started:

  1. Classic halo engagement rings – A classic halo engagement ring boasts a single loop full of diamonds around the centre stone, working great with round cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and more. 
  2. Gemstone halo engagement rings – Gemstone halo engagement rings feature lovely coloured gemstones in the halo, with sapphire and diamond being a popular choice. 
  3. Vintage halo engagement rings – Vintage halo engagement rings offer a very antique touch and a timeless look. 
  4. Floral halo engagement rings – These feature a halo resembling a flower, a nature-inspired style adored by many brides to-be. 
  5. Double halo engagement rings – In this style, two loops of diamonds or gemstones go around the centre stone.  

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Platinum rings

Platinum rings are known for their strength and durability, so if you end up choosing a platinum ring for your wedding or even engagement, know that the diamonds on your ring will be 100% safe. The prongs on platinum rings snugly hold your diamonds in place, and happen to be much stronger than white or yellow gold rings. 

Platinum rings also have a hidden benefit that most people may not be aware of: platinum is hypoallergenic which means it’s perfect for those with skin allergies. Hopefully, this doesn’t sound like a cringe-worthy sales pitch but wearing platinum rings will make you feel that you’re wearing a much higher-quality ring than it may actually be – compared to a pure gold or diamond ring, for example. Since platinum is one of the densest precious metals currently known to man, and being 60% heavier than gold, platinum rings feel distinctly different when you hold them in your hands. They’ve got a weight and high-quality feel to them, which also makes them very durable over the long run.

Platinum rings can also prevent your diamond from looking too yellow, because platinum is a natural white metal. So, no unwanted colour will reflect into your diamond. You can bet wearing a platinum ring will enhance and accentuate the brilliance of your adorable diamond. 

Did you know that a platinum ring can be passed down for generations? That’s how durable and robust platinum rings are!

Gemstone rings

Gemstone rings – lively, bold and instant heart-stealers! Couples today go with gemstone rings for several reasons. For instance, some like to express their love for one another through colour.

A bright red ruby gemstone ring signifies passion while a dark blue sapphire gemstone ring for engagement stands for loyalty. There are even couples who fancy lovely splashes of pinks, oranges and cool fresh greens, when it comes to gemstone rings. 

Did you know that gemstone rings grow in large crystals regularly? Due to this, many gemstone rings are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that diamonds are not. Another reason brides to-be love going with a gemstone ring is the cost. Depending on the size, cost, colour and stone, gemstone rings often cost a fraction of a diamond that’s similar in size and weight – with couples ultimately choosing a gemstone ring with a larger centre stone than diamond. 

Popular choices for gemstone rings include sapphire, emeralds, rubies, moissanite, aquamarine and morganite. 

Emerald cut engagement rings

Emerald cut engagement rings boast a timeless elegance not found in other kinds of rings. So, if you’re wondering “why choose an emerald cut engagement ring?” – then know that wearing one gives the wearer an appearance of having longer and more slender fingers, thanks to the long and elegant body which is a key attribute of emerald cut engagement rings.

With that said, choosing high-quality clarity is quite important for the stone in emerald cut engagement rings because imperfections may be seen due to the cut – it may be okay to compromise a little on the colour as a result but not when it comes to clarity. Bespoke Forever, will source the highest quality emerald cut engagement rings for you, helping you make the occasion extra special. 

If you’ve been considering getting an emerald cut engagement ring, then you’re certainly in good company! Celebrities like Beyoncé, Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez (to name a few) have been known to wear these, so wouldn’t it be amazing to wear a celebrity favourite emerald cut engagement ring on your big day?

The elongated shape in emerald cut engagement rings makes the stone appear larger compared to other diamond shapes, with the gem’s vertical facets creating a very glamorous, almost mirror-like effect. So, if you end up choosing an emerald cut engagement ring, know that you’ll be wearing an elegant cut that will give your rock a whole lot of presence and turn heads everywhere as a result!

Order your emerald cut engagement ring with Bespoke Forever and never look back.

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Rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold engagement rings are known for their high durability – in fact, more so than white or yellow gold. Plus, they can be surprisingly affordable. The trend in rose gold engagement rings has really picked up this year, as they make for an excellent choice for diamond jewellery. However, apart from diamonds, you’ll also see pink sapphires in rose gold engagement rings

Most of our rose gold engagement ring designs come from our fully bespoke service, making it a great choice for completely bespoke jewellery designs to mark a special occasion. The natural and warm pink colour of the copper in rose gold engagement rings makes it the warmest out of all precious metal alloys, which can be used to a good effect to complement rose gold better than white gold. 

Rose gold engagement rings have undeniably become a very popular choice among brides because the warm pink tone is about as feminine as it can get. Another major benefit of wearing rose gold engagement rings is that they can match with nearly every skin tone. While white gold and platinum may look washed out against pale skin tones, for example, rose gold engagement rings can give any skin tone a warm and healthy glow. 

A rose gold engagement ring is also a really great choice for showcasing your lab grown diamond centre stone. Some of the most popular lab grown diamond centre stones here at Bespoke Forever are alexandrite, emeralds and sapphires. 

With all these benefits that rose gold engagement rings offer, it’s worth noting that the copper content may not be suitable for those who are allergic to rose gold, although it is quite rare. 

Did you know that a higher karat rose gold engagement ring is not only eye-catchingly beautiful but also considered more luxurious than lower karat gold rings? Plus, maintaining rose gold engagement rings simply means regular cleaning and polishing with a soft cloth – giving you the freedom to wear yours on a daily basis.  

When it comes to bespoke engagement rings, Bespoke Forever has you covered, no matter what style you end up choosing! 

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Pear shaped engagement ring

Being brilliant cut, pear shaped engagement rings boast an amazing shine, and can also be notably less expensive than brilliant round diamonds having the same colour, clarity, cut and carat attributes. This is because pear shaped engagement rings undergo only a minor amount of waste during the cutting process.

Since the pear shape in pear shaped engagement rings is the only fancy cut which isn’t symmetrical, they tend to look really good in relatively simpler settings, such as a halo or solitaire, which gorgeously accentuates the centre stone’s brilliance. In addition, the unique shape in pear shaped engagement rings means that the centre stone can easily take “centre stage”, with the overall setting being the complimenting accessory, of course. 

Did you know that pear shaped engagement rings have been around for many centuries, making their debut in 1475? Thanks to the efforts of a renowned diamond cutter and jeweller, Lodewyk can Bercken, this was when the very first style of pear shaped engagement rings were introduced to the masses. 

Many celebrities have been choosing pear shaped engagement rings as of late, including singer Ariana Grande. This is not at all surprising because pear shaped engagement ring boast a lot of fantastic qualities – the half marquise and half round brilliant shape offer unique advantages each. Not only that, but the elongated silhouette in a pear shaped engagement ring made with diamonds means that your fingers will look nice, long and elegant. 

It is also said that a pear shaped engagement ring is a “mood” ring: it can be worn either with the point facing up or down. Paris Hilton absolutely loves her pear shaped engagement ring – if you check out recent photos of her with the term “pear shaped engagement ring”, you’ll find that it’s a stunning one with a 10-carat centre pear-shaped diamond, and with the point facing up. 

The pear-shaped diamonds in a pear shaped engagement ring offer a number of key advantages over traditional or round-cut diamonds. Owing to the elongated shape, pear shaped engagement rings look bigger than a round diamond, being a good 8% larger on their top surface. 

FAQs on lab grown diamonds, wedding rings, engagement rings, and more

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have become a very popular choice for engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewellery purchases. 

Many people tend to get confused when they hear the term “lab grown diamonds” – with some even going as far as to call them “fake diamonds”. The truth is lab grown diamonds are real diamonds which have the exact same crystal structure as natural ones. Lab grown diamonds are also just as beautiful, brilliant and “sparkly” as regular diamonds. 

Not only that, but lab grown diamonds are known for being just as durable as natural diamonds, however, with the added benefit that they’re a little less expensive. 

Lab grown diamonds go by other names as well, such as: lab made, lab created, cultured, synthetic, etc. All of these essentially refer to the same thing: lab grown diamonds! If you ever happen to put regular diamonds and lab grown diamonds side by side, you won’t be able to spot the difference initially. However, if you grab a magnifying glass and look for a tiny laser inscription on the girdle, you will see that it identifies the diamond as a “lab grown diamond”. That’s one way to spot them! 

Does an engagement ring have to have to diamond?

About a century ago, engagement rings were simple and did not have any diamonds at all. However, the DeBeers company brought diamonds back after the Great Depression in the 1940s, promoting the philosophy that diamonds are absolutely necessary for an engagement ring. 

However, as you see here at Bespoke Forever, there are options a plenty, and a diamond is not the only way to make an engagement ring pop and stand out. 

How much should an engagement or wedding ring cost?

Choosing the right engagement ring is no doubt a major life decision! With so many factors coming into play, such as the type and size of the gemstone, ring material, or gold or diamond carat, an engagement or wedding ring may cost anywhere between a couple of hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. 

It’s important to ensure that you get a fair price, but all the while, it’s also important to keep in mind that the more money you’re generally willing to spend, the better quality and more beautiful your wedding/engagement ring will be. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t less expensive alternatives available that are just as attractive if not more. This is why Bespoke Forever offers such a wide variety of styles and designs to cater to every couple’s budget. 

What is the right diamond cut for me?

There are many diamond cuts available today, with majority of them seen on celebrities’ ring fingers too! There’s rose, round, pear-shaped, cushion, Asscher, oval, marquee, princess, radiant, and more, to choose from. 

The right diamond cut is the one that not only catches your eye instantly but also speaks to your heart and inner desires. Bespoke Forever can help you choose the perfect shape based on your inner tastes and whims! 

If I don’t want or can’t afford a diamond, what are some other great alternatives for engagement ring stones?

There are literally no limits to the kind of stones you can have in your ring – from rubies, opals, yellow gold, white gold and emeralds to sapphires, opals, morganites and amethysts. There’s a colour and stone that’s perfect for every heart and through our online process, we can help you source the appropriate engagement or wedding ring stone.

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