3 Stone Engagement Ring

3 Stone Engagement Ring


The unusual design and the ability to select the most extraordinary combinations of stones and colours – all this is possible with a 3 stone ring. This beautiful and stylish decoration symbolises true great love. Hurry to give your beloved lady a gift that will always be with her.


Rings with multi-coloured precious stones are always appropriate. Try to imagine beautiful female pens with a perfect manicure and well-chosen jewellery. Imagination draws you 3 stone ring on beautiful fingers.
This magnificent composition in which beauty and simple design are evenly combined. Thanks to this small but significant detail of a look every lady can demonstrate her individuality, style and originality.
The unrivalled three stone rings have two side gems that emphasize the size and lustre of the central stone. Central stones of three stones are often set higher to give the jewellery an even more sophisticated look.

The main advantages of 3 stone rings are:

  • Stylish design
  • The ability to play with shapes and colours
  • Relatively low cost of the product

The loyal price of jewellery is determined by the fact you can choose more budget options for stones located on the sides.
Thanks to its design, 3 stone ring can symbolise the past, present and future of your relationship, as well as friendship, love and fidelity.
Start by choosing the perfect three stone ring design on our website, and you will definitely buy a piece of jewellery that will always be with you!

3 Stone Engagement Ring

Why Are Three Stone Rings So Popular

Jewellery that allows you to choose a design in any style and combine your favourite colours – three stone rings – are preferred by representatives of all ages. And not surprisingly, in addition to the attractive design of the ring itself, which can be made of yellow, white or pink gold, as well as platinum, you can play with colour combinations and types of stones.
For example, emerald or ruby in the centre of the jewellery, and two diamonds on the sides look great. The shape of the gem in the centre can also be different. The heart will symbolise love, circle or radiant – constancy, and decoration such as emerald or princess will symbolise the refined taste of a three-stone ring owner.

3 Stone Ring is a Constant Attribute for Honeymooners

This jewellery often becomes an engagement 3 stone ring. If your bride wants to attract the attention of others, or she is a romantic person who wants her little ring to tell the story of your love, you can also pay attention to the three-stone ring; it creates opportunities for creativity in designing the perfect symbol of your devotion.
Although most couples choose diamonds for all three stones, the stones on the sides can be any that like or matter. If the bride loves blue, sapphires are an excellent choice for crystals on the sides. Stones corresponding to the zodiac sign of both newlyweds (or the month in which you marry) are also significant options for side gems.

The Most Coveted Jewellery Is Sapphire Three Stone Ring

There may be many combinations of this pretty product. At the same time, the sapphire three stone ring is very elegant and unique finger jewellery. Besides the standard “three sapphires”, you can choose a ring with a charming blue sapphire centre and two shining diamonds on the sides.
Listing the benefits of sapphire three stone rings can not help but mention the affordable price of the jewellery. Just choose the perfect design for you, and our sales managers will tell you the cost of this product, which will certainly please you.

Your Emerald Three Stone Ring] Will Give You A Feeling Of Confidence

This stone is valued primarily for its deep and bright green hue, due to the presence of chromium in the composition of beryl. But this is not its only advantage. The gem looks great in an emerald three stone ring, as it lends itself perfectly to processing, you can give it any shape – from simple to the most sophisticated.
Emerald three stone rings of gold and platinum are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and status. Often they are selected for specific appearance features. The gems correctly set off the green colour of the eyes and the aristocratic pallor of the skin. And also lovers of green colours in clothes buy rings with emeralds. When jewellery blends harmoniously with your look, it makes you more confident.
In our online store, you can not only buy a stunning ready-to-wear product but also create a unique 3 stone ring design yourself. With just a few clicks of the mouse on our website, you can create a mock-up of a jewellery masterpiece, which professionals working in our company will realise.
To create the perfect design, we recommend that you consider not only the style and appearance of the future owner of the jewellery but also the length and thickness of the fingers – after all, the ring width depends on this indicator.

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