Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings


An eternity ring is given by one partner to another in honour of an important joint event. It can be anything from a wedding anniversary to the birth of a baby. Previously, each year of marriage was celebrated with a certain gift, symbolising the number of years lived together. Now endless love symbolises eternity ring showered with diamonds.


If an important event happens in your life or the life of your loved one, which you or she always want to remember, it would be advisable to buy jewellery that symbolises this date. This eternal and universal jewellery may be known by different names. An eternity ring is also known as:

  • Alliance Ring
  • Memory Ring
  • Remembrance Ring
  • Infinity Ring

The elegant design is based on a simple ring band, which is surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones of the same size, cut and quality. Eternity rings are especially popular among women in connection with various important events:

  1. Wedding
  2. Engagement
  3. Wedding anniversary rings
  4. Other memorable dates

Continuous processing with diamonds, which thus has no visible beginning and end, is intended to symbolise eternity, infinity and eternal love. In addition, each gem in the Ring of Eternity should mark a special occasion – hence the “Memoire Ring”, which in French means “as a keepsake”.

Eternity ring means endless love and devotion. Such a gift, transferred from one partner to another, can be a physical representation of your happy relationship or life together.

Like all rings, the circular design symbolises that which will never end. This is why eternity rings are so popular among couples in love: they perfectly demonstrate that relationships are a promise to be together all life. A continuous line of diamonds or gemstones across the rim of the ring also means that love is infinite. Eternity rings symbolise the time the couple have already spent together and also mark the future that they plan to share.

Eternity Rings

Types Of Eternity Rings

The most common eternity ring design is the traditional version with the so-called channel. Here the ring has a channel in which precious stones are very closely adjacent to each other. Each diamond is fixed securely and individually, although the ring itself does not have to have a standard circle shape. On some modern models, jewellery masters depict light waves.

The most innovative model is the eternity ring, which has a designer frame. There is no limit to your imagination. Diamonds or other precious stones are used not only by the rim of the product but also in individual segments, which can be diamond-shaped, round or even heart-shaped. The excellent craftsmanship of the jewellers of our online store is a real work of art.

Eternity Ring For Every Budget And Outfit

The main advantage of eternity rings is that they can be combined with any style and outfit. Most rings have a smooth surface because the diamonds in them are installed in such a way that they remain lower and at the level of the rim. This provides excellent wearing comfort and no damage to clothing. Depending on the quality and quantity of carats of precious stones, ethnicity rings are available for a wide variety of budgets. The classic eternity ring is made of white gold or platinum but can be combined with other designs and materials or precious stones.

How Did the Eternity Rings Appear

The archetype of the eternity rings arose in Egypt in the 2nd century BC. At that time, metal rings were constantly equipped with various gems. Often these were snake motifs as a symbol of infinity. In later times, it was customary to put only three or five precious stones or diamonds in the eternity rings.

Over the following years, more gemstones were added. Eternity rings were presented for various occasions and celebrations as the most desired gift:

  1. High school graduation
  2. Wedding anniversaries
  3. Baby Blessings
  4. First Communion
  5. Christening, etc.

Thus, this type of rings came to our time as we know it – a band encrusted with precious stones in a circle, having a different shape. However, eternity rings can also be given as a sign of gratitude to partners or best friends.


In our online store, a diverse assortment of eternity rings is presented for every taste, and there is also the opportunity to create a unique and extraordinary design in accordance with your personal wishes using the configuration. You need only information about the size of the ring, the desired material, as well as the number and types of gemstones.

Our catalogue has everything you need to mark your special occasion: from simple diamond eternity rings to stunning designer products. Whether it is the appearance of a new child in your family, anniversary, anniversary, engagement or celebration of a wedding, our ethnicity rings will suit any occasion and outfit. Products made by our craftsmen come in many styles and can satisfy even the most sophisticated needs.

By contacting our consultants, you can also choose a product according to your budget. When ordering jewellery in our company you always get an incomparable design and a unique product.

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