Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings


You can buy shining and unique halo rings for a gift, to make your girlfriend feel desired, online, using the order form on our website. Choose from a diamond, sapphire and emerald a stone that emphasizes the mood of its future owner.


In the modern jewellery industry, you can find a wide variety of ring models. One of the options is the halo ring. The first halo rings appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, at the very peak of the Art Deco style. The name comes from the Greek word halo or disk. In nature, there is a halo phenomenon too, which is a ring of light around the sun.
In jewellery, they call it a large stone located in the centre of the ring, surrounded by small crystals. Such a small addition can give a visual increase to the central stone.

Halo Engagement Ring

What Are The Varieties Of Halo Rings

The most important element of halo rings that will catch the eye is, of course, the central stone. Valuable gemstones are preferably selected for it, such as:

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire

It may be many small ones instead of one large central stone laid out in a cluster form.
A halo, made up of gems, can be from the same or different kinds of small stones. A ring with a diamond in the centre framed by sapphires or rubies looks very original. The most common halo jewellery is of course a coloured stone in the centre, surrounded by white diamonds.
A nice bonus of our store is the ability to personalise the ring (yours or as a gift to a loved one) by choosing the shape and type of the central stone that appeals to you. With this characteristic alone, there are many varieties for this type of ring, from heart-shaped stone halo rings to classic round-shaped ones.


The gemstone rim around the halo ring can be sophisticated and elegant or luxurious and eye-catching. Think about what you want to wear every day. Do you want to look modest or vice versa be described as a bright person? The answer to this question depends not only on your everyday style but also on your character.
If it is difficult for you to decide, just contact our experts, they will help you choose exactly your halo ring.

You Will Always Be In The Spotlight With A Diamond Halo Ring

Jewellery looks spectacular thanks to small stones. The shine of the diamond halo ring radiates a large central insert, and the small ones reinforce it. Just one piece of jewellery can attract all the attention of others. Having received such a present, especially with diamonds, the woman will have no doubts about the seriousness of the man’s intentions.

A diamond halo ring is an excellent option for presenting during a marriage proposal. This “diamond classic” will be beautiful to combine with an engagement ring in the future, recalling a beautiful moment of life.
Our specialists were able to realise the best ideas and put them into the halo ring.

This jewellery piece harmoniously combines:

  • clear composition
  • simple form
  • shining effects

The decoration is delightful, and at the same time, it is original and pure. If you want to tell your girlfriend about your feelings, give her a diamond halo ring.

Create a Unique Look with Sapphire Halo Ring

Each gemstone is beautiful in its own way, but it is difficult to compete with luxurious sapphire. Noble Corundum is famous for its sparkling tints of blue shades, and the sapphire halo ring purchased in our store allows you to complement both the everyday look and the evening outfit.
Sapphire halo rings will never go out of style, so jewellery can be passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom. To buy this magnificent jewellery, just place an order on our website or contact the staff of the online store.
Our site also presents a rich assortment of sapphire accessories that complement the image created using a sapphire halo ring.

Attraction Magic with the Emerald Halo Ring – You are Irresistible

If you have green or brown eyes, an emerald halo ring is what you need! This magical jewellery with a bright gem will make your appearance more expressive.
Thanks to the frame of small gemstones, such a ring looks elegant, luxurious and stylish. The emerald halo ring is the perfect gift for any woman. A golden emerald ring will be the ideal complement to a luxurious evening look. This gem possesses attractive energy, gives inspiration and emotional lift, and is also able to attract good luck and success.
In the best way, the emerald middle is combined with a diamond halo.

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