Yellow Sapphire Rings

Yellow Sapphire Rings


Yellow sapphire is one of the most popular transparent noble varieties of the corundum mineral. The gem properties, not counting the colour, are the same as those of blue sapphire and ruby. The colour palette is limited to golden hues. The gem in the yellow sapphire ring can be compared to the tropical sun, trapped in a crystal.


Such kind of sapphires are very rare and are mainly mined on placers of river regions of Ceylon. Oxide iron gives such an unusual colour to a stone in a yellow sapphire ring. Sapphires can have both pale yellow and amber shades. Of particular value are the golden and richly yellow sapphires, which are equivalent in price to diamonds and rubies.

Sometimes orange or even brown gems are found. However, such instances are inferior in price to yellow stones.

Mining is also conducted in other countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • USA
  • Thailand
  • India

Yellow sapphire rings are chosen for two reasons. According to most astrologers and experts on esotericism, this stone has an exceptionally beneficial effect on various spheres of life, promotes well-being, improves well-being, brings good luck and success. And the second reason: sapphire has hardness and strength, it is perfectly polished and beautifully shiny. It plays lovely and sparkles in the ring, so it is often considered an alternative to a fancy diamond that sets the fashion for yellow stones.

Engagement Ring can be Customized with Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring As An Alternative To A Diamond

If you would like to buy a product with a golden coloured stone, but a fancy diamond seems too expensive, a yellow sapphire engagement ring is what you need. This stone is similar in colour to a yellow diamond, which is why it is mainly given the shape of a cut characteristic of a diamond: radiant, oval. Also found are forms of cushion and emerald. The choice of the stone size depends on the chosen design, the weight of 3-5 carats is considered to be the best for a yellow sapphire engagement ring, over 7 carats is better for an evening look.

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Creating an interesting, unique design for a yellow sapphire ring in gold or platinum is a serious and ambitious task for our jewellers, which begins with your original idea. Just select the type of ring and the cut of the central stone, as well as the stones that will be placed on the sides of the jewellery. After approval, the selected design will be implemented in our production. And if you do not like the creation of an individual design, you can choose a ready-to-wear yellow sapphire ring in our online store catalogue.

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