Ruby Rings

Ruby Rings


Luxurious ruby is a kind of corundum. It refers to alumina and acquires its stunning colour due to impurities of chromium, copper and other metals. A ruby ring is a truly unforgettable jewellery. Inlaid with one of the most expensive and rare stones, it delights in the play of tones, unique brilliance.


This jewellery is ideal to create a festive luxurious look. Just red gem can transform the evening dress, give elegance and charm to its owner. Since ancient times, the stone has been valued by different peoples, it was used to decorate amulets and crowns, and also it has been believed in its magical abilities. Kings and emperors always wore jewellery with a ruby, emphasising their power and power. Ruby rings have a wide palette of shades. The colour of the stone can be different:

  • Saturated raspberry
  • Deep red
  • Light pink
  • Dark pomegranate

Ruby rings look great with white, yellow and pink gold. The stone is harmoniously combined with yellow gold, which complements the product with warmth and autumn mood. Rings with white gold have a cold tint, which makes them elegant and even more sophisticated.

Engagement Ring customizable with Ruby

A Variety Of Ruby Engagement Ring Designs In Our Store

Looking for an original ruby engagement ring? Our online catalogue contains gold and platinum gemstone rings with different designs:

  • Classic
  • Modern style
  • Unique design rings

Classic jewellery is suitable for discreet people who prefer stability in everything. If your chosen one loves new sensations, extreme, and wears exclusively clothes of the latest collections, her option is a ruby ring with a fashionable style. And finally, if your girlfriend loves everything unusual, you can choose for her an individualistic design of ruby ring on our website.

Order a Ruby Ring Online and Save Your Time

Before you buy a ruby ring, pay attention to whether they suit the style of clothing and the appearance of its future owner. The bright red stone looks best on dark-haired girls with tanned skin. Blondes and fair-haired women may choose a ruby of a lighter shade.

Diamonds are best combined with rubies, that is why they are most often found in jewellery, as an addition to this gem.

Buying jewellery in our online store is very simple. You can order the goods in one of the following ways:

  1. Choose your favourite jewellery in the catalogue
  2. Create a unique design using the 3D customise
  3. Contact our consultant for assistance in choosing and placing an order

It is very important to choose a product that successfully harmonies with your look. More restrained ruby rings are suitable for everyday life. The central stone can be of any shape: heart, pear, oval, Asscher or princess.

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