Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire Ring


The unusual colour of the gemstone looks great in a pink sapphire ring. Thanks to their brilliance and sharp edges, coloured sapphires resemble fancy diamonds. The pink sapphire ring can be given not only to the bride but also to the woman who first became a mother.


Although the main colour of sapphires is blue, these amazing stones can also have many other shades, from yellow to orange and purple. While some coloured diamonds are quite expensive, a pink sapphire rings provide a fantastic opportunity to create the same impression, but at a much lower price.

The main advantages of this jewellery are:

  1. Unrivalled play of light
  2. The first hardness gem after diamond
  3. Perfect cut
  4. Extraordinary colour scheme

The colour of sapphire in jewellery will look even brighter and deeper in combination with white gems, such as a diamond. Moreover, this is not necessarily a halo around the central stone; diamonds on the sides also look beautiful.

The colour of sapphires depends on the cut and rim. A light pink stone will appear darker if surrounded by yellow gold. Conversely, raised above the ring and secured with only 4 thin prongs, it will let in maximum light and shine beautifully.

Engagement Ring customizable with pink sapphire

Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings : Give Your Beloved The Jewels Heart

Do you want to originally confess your chosen one in love? Give her a unique pink sapphire engagement ring cut Heart, with which she will be simply fascinated. A pink sapphire engagement ring is a modern jewellery trend that is gaining popularity around the world. And there are several significant reasons for this.

There is no single standard for such jewellery. The engagement ring can have the most diverse design, the only thing, the main jewellery accent should be directed to the central stone – pink sapphire. It can be a minimalist solitaire ring or even a chic halo ring.

Whom Would Suit Pink Sapphire Rings

The range of tones in pink sapphire rings is different: from the colour of a tea rose to thick, almost purple. Saturation is determined by impurities of chromium and titanium in a gem. Today, stone magic is fascinating and stunning, for this reason, sapphires give rings not only on the day of engagement but also on Valentine’s Day, believing that such a gift will strengthen the feelings of lovers.

According to legend, a pink stone was granted by Venus. It personifies three feelings: faith, love and hope. Pink sapphire ring awakens the best qualities of the soul, makes its owner calm and wise. Crystals also symbolise selfless love and are considered a symbol of motherhood.

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