Peridot Ring and Earring

Peridot Ring


Peridot is a semi-precious stone of olive-green and light green flowers with a golden hue. Thanks to the glare of gold, the stone looks very beautiful in a peridot ring. Transparency, gentle shade of spring greens, a relatively low price and many legends about the magical and healing properties of the stone make peridot rings a welcome acquisition for many women.


Different sources often mention the comparison of peridot with an emerald gemstone. At dusk and by candlelight, the stone loses its golden, yellow hues and becomes pure green. Peridot ring looks solemn and elegant. Thanks to the bright golden-green colour of the stone, it is also added to other jewellery:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces

Often you can see peridot jewellery sets as well. Peridot is one of the names of chrysolite. This stone truly conquers with its beauty, sophistication of its colour. Peridot rings look sophisticated, elegant. The colour of peridot is green with various shades – golden, yellowish, pistachio, grassy, brown. The green colour of the mineral is caused by ferrous iron, and its brightness and intensity depend on the presence of nickel ions. Such jewellery is chosen by women who want to look feminine.

Peridot has one very interesting feature. The hardness of this stone changes depending on the direction. Of course, during jewellery processing, this creates certain difficulties since far from all facets of stone can be easily polished.

Jewellers consider rather soft, transparent stones to be the most valuable. Therefore, the peridot ring must be very carefully looked after. Peridot in jewellery is combined with semiprecious and precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, etc.

Engagement Ring customizable with Peridot

What Is Unique About A Peridot Engagement Rings

By right, the peridot engagement ring is considered one of the most extraordinary. This stone is suitable for everyone, but in some cases, the choice of such jewellery is simply perfect.

This green stone will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of representatives of the appearance of the type of “spring” and “summer”, the stones of a warm shade are suitable for brown-haired and red-haired, cold tones will shade light and completely dark hair.

Astrologers believe that chrysolite deserves special attention among such signs:

  • Pisces
  • Leo
  • Virgo

A variety of colour options in the catalogue, as well as combinations with stones of other colours, will help you choose rings that go well with the shades of the inserts of other jewellery.

How to Wear and Keep Your Peridot Ring Clean

Chrysolite is a rather fragile stone, therefore, inaccurate handling of the peridot ring can lead to chips, scratches or cracks in the stone. To make the jewellery please you as long as possible, try to avoid mechanical damage, and for cleaning take it to special workshops or use a mild soapy solution. Peridot may suffer from aggressive cleaning products.

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