marquise cut engagement rings & earrings

marquise cut engagement rings


Due to the shape of the Marquise cut, the faceted diamond in the Marquise diamond engagement ring looks larger than other cuts of the same karate. The stone looks even more beautiful in tandem with round diamonds or pear-shaped on the sides. The Marquise diamond engagement ring visually makes the finger longer and thinner.


Also known as the Navetta, the Marquise cut is popular for its sense of unearthly beauty and grandeur. Its distinctive silhouette is characterised by curved sides and pointed ends. The long and narrow shape of the cut not only creates the illusion of the large size of the gem but also visually lengthens the fingers. A shining Marquise diamond engagement ring, the gem of which is surrounded by several other precious stones, perfectly emphasises the sophistication of the Marquise cut, adding even more sparkle to the product. The stone looks even more beautiful in tandem with round or pear-shaped diamonds on the sides.

This jewellery is perfect for creative, artistic and sensual nature.

Ring Customizable into marquise cut engagement rings

What Makes The Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings So Attractive

The Marquise cut resembles a small boat. As a rule, a stone consists of 58 faces: 33 of them are in the crown and 25 in the pavilion, but the number of faces of the pavilion can vary from plus or minus 4 to 8. Besides, the gem of your Marquise diamond engagement ring is sometimes made in the form of a “French tip”, in which small faces replace one large face at the end.

Although the optimum Marquise cut ratio is 2:1, depending on your personal preference, this value can vary from 1.80 to 2.15.

The marquise may be subject to the “bow-tie effect” when the light passing through the diamond casts a shadow on the central gem edges. This effect can be minimised by changing the depth of the pavilion and adjusting the corners and faces for better light scattering in the centre. This effect also occurs in other gem forms:

  • Pear
  • Heart
  • Oval

The Marquise diamond engagement rings look most attractive with white gold and platinum.

So Sensual And Luxurious – It’s All About Your Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

The reason for buying a Marquise diamond engagement ring is usually one of the next:

  1. Desire to make a gift to a loved one
  2. Purchase of an accessory to update your personal collection
  3. Choosing a ring for the marriage proposal

Creating an individual design makes it possible to order a unique engagement ring, which your bride will definitely appreciate. The choice of such jewellery is also a profitable purchase since the gem due to its elongated shape looks larger.