Radiant Diamond Earrings

Radiant Diamond Earrings – Stars Shining in a Rectangle

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether you want jewellery with a round or square gem. In this case, there is an alternative that can satisfy your aesthetic need – radiant diamond earrings. This is a square or rectangular wedge cut with an octagonal contour. The radiant cut combines the elegance of emerald cut and round cut shine.

This shape of the gemstone is more practical than just a square, so radiant diamond earrings are suitable for active women who are not used to denying themselves the pleasure of looking chic in any situation.

A jewel processed in this way amazes with its brilliance and refracts surprisingly much light, so it is not for nothing called a radiant. The radiant cut diamond is a rather rare stone due to the specifics of its cut, however, it is popular among the celebrities due to its sparkling beauty.

Radiant Diamond Earrings: Size Matters

Such a cut looks especially attractive when processing large stones. Therefore, jewellery with such a stone is quite specific. Radiant diamond earrings with pendants, large studs with and without halo – this is a small list of jewellery that you can consider if you like this type of cut.

The radiant cut diamond looks especially beautiful in dangle earrings. Regardless of whether the stone is on top of the stud, or below – on the pendant, this design looks very impressive.

Such a diamond goes well with small stones:

  • White diamonds
  • Blue sapphires
  • Single medium topaz
  • Small or medium rubies

Do not forget about statement earrings. A variety of chandelier earrings, asymmetrical jewellery, feathers on a stud with a radiant cut diamond – will be in the spotlight at a cocktail party.

Radiant Diamond Earrings Will Emphasize The Glow Of Your Eyes

Any jewellery emphasizes female beauty. If we are talking about radiant diamond earrings, then they give grace and a cute look to your face. Eyes stand out against the background of these products especially brightly. If you wear elegant clothes of ultra fashion cut, then white gold or platinum earrings will definitely suit you. If you are a supporter of the classics, look at the rose and yellow tones of gold. In our catalogue, there are a large number of radiant diamond earrings that will fit any look and mood.

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