Princess Diamond Earrings

Princess Diamond Earrings – The Shape Means a lot

If you are a supporter of straight lines and sharp corners, you will surely like princess diamond earrings. This jewellery is beautiful and elegant, and also corresponds to the latest fashion trends.

Using their many years of experience, our jewellers make every effort to show the beauty of the gem. Princess is a square or rectangular wedge cut with sharp corners. Most of the square and rectangular cuts cannot compare in their sparkle with a round diamond. Therefore, the princess was specially designed in such a way as to approach the round cut in this parameter.

The main distinguishing features of such a diamond are:

  • Square or rectangular wedge shape
  • Sharp corners
  • Great play of light
  • Up to 68 sparkling facets

Due to the nature of this shape, most of the rays of light are concentrated in the lower part of the diamond, which is called the pavilion. Princess diamond earrings are a great birthday present for your beloved woman.

Princess Diamond Earrings – No Style or Age Restrictions

If you intend to wear princess diamond earrings with casual wear, a smaller product would be ideal. A large gem or princess cut diamond inlaid with smaller gemstones is appropriate for a party, wedding or banquet. The square shape of the diamond looks great in halo stud earrings and hoops. In the second embodiment, the stones lie along the entire length of the product.

Princess diamond stud earrings with small square precious inserts are perfect for the youngest girls of fashion. If you choose a mother’s gift, you should pay attention to the small size dangle earrings. Such jewellery with princess cut diamond looks elegant and at the same time conservative. There are no restrictions on the colour of gold, as well as on the gemstone colour of this product.

Tiny Princess Diamond Earrings: Every Woman Should Have Them

It would be great if there were universal jewellery that can be worn every day, but at the same time, the appearance in them at the ceremony will not cause unwanted emotions. This is just about princess diamond earrings. This type of cut is so attractive and simple that you will definitely not be mistaken when buying a sophisticated small product. The catalogue of our online store is always available for viewing and is regularly updated with new jewellery.

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