Pear Diamond Earrings

Your Woman Will Definitely Appreciate Pear Diamond Earrings

Accessories with diamonds are a wonderful gift. Especially if this gift is made with love. But what to do when you want to present unusual jewellery that your sweetheart will definitely remember? In such a situation, pear diamond earrings are a great choice.

The modern pear cut with 56 faces is considered a combination of round and marquise cut. To achieve perfection of this form is possible only in compliance with all the smallest proportions, but as a result, an unusually deep play of light and a concentration of brilliance in the gem are reached.

Pear diamond earrings make the face of its owner more refined, and the neck – more elegant. A predecessor of the pear-shaped cut is considered a drop or briolette.

A Wide Selection of Pear Diamond Earrings Pleases the Eye

The most versatile option is pear diamond earrings in the stud shape. The jewellery fits any form of the earlobe, does not make it heavier, but, on the contrary, adjusts the size. Stud earrings are combined with any face shape and hairstyle. The catalogue of the store allows you to choose pear diamond stud earrings for every style of clothing:

  • Classic
  • Luxurious
  • Restrained minimalism

It does not matter either your girlfriend prefers a business style or a casual, these jewellery pieces will be perfect for her look. However, other types of earrings are also characteristic of this type of cut:

  • Chandelier earrings
  • Dangle earrings
  • Statement earrings

Then a pear-cut diamond is used in the earring pendant.

Gold is a universal, high-quality and durable material, in the frame of which the gem looks the most profitable. The colour of the metal depends on the percentage of ligatures in its composition. For many decades, yellow gold was considered the most popular among buyers. However, in the trends of recent years, it has given way to rose and white ones. To get white gold jewellery, manufacturers increase the proportion of silver in the composition, for rose gold the copper is used.

Pear Diamond Earrings in our Store

Shopping is much more convenient online. Thus, you can allocate enough time to search for pear diamond earrings that are right for you. The main advantages of our store are a convenient catalogue and an affordable price for jewellery. Just familiarise yourself with the product range and place your order in just a few clicks of your computer mouse.

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