Oval Diamond Earrings

Oval Diamond Earrings is a Classic Complemented by the Charm

Oval cut diamond is one of the youngest in the jewellery world. Its elegant, restrained form is in perfect harmony with other precious stones and metals. If you liked the oval diamond earrings from the catalogue on our website, then you have a great taste. This jewellery will look great with an elegant suit or a discreet evening dress. As additional accessories, you can customise both a necklace or a ring with a bracelet.

This wedge cut is most often used to work with large diamonds. Oval cut diamond has various length and width. The surface area of the stone, in this case, is larger than that of round diamonds, and therefore, with the same mass, a stone of such a cut seems larger.

Oval Diamond Earrings Design Will Tell a lot About You

When you just start your search in the catalogue, it is quite difficult to decide among a wide variety of jewellery. Such a cut looks very impressive in the frame of other stones, so there are many models of oval diamond earrings in the shape of a stud:

  • Halo earrings inlaid with small gems and with butterfly back
  • Flower-shaped stud earrings with petals inlaid with small gems
  • Three stone oval diamond earrings
  • Four claw setting for diamonds platinum or gold earrings

Of course, this is not the only option for jewellery with this modest and exciting stone. Different types of dangle earrings are also very popular. It may be oval diamond drop earrings with stone below or studs with pendants in the form of chains or decorated with small stones. Hoop earrings are also often inlaid with an oval cut gem.

Why Choose Oval Diamond Earrings

In our online store catalogue, you can choose jewellery that suits your style and will delight you for many years. Oval diamond earrings are in great demand among buyers. Like any other cut, the oval has its own significant advantages:

  1. An oval cut diamond is a form that fantastically conveys the play of light on the edges of a stone.
  2. Such jewellery looks gorgeous in rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings, making fingers or neck more refined, graceful.
  3. Elegant restrained form perfectly harmonies in any combination and with any style of clothing.
  4. Oval is one of the most popular fantasy forms of diamond cutting.

And of course, you can always count on the advice of our consultant, who has devoted many years to studying all the features of jewellery.

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