Marquise Diamond Earrings

Aristocratic Marquise Diamond Earrings Will Make You Irresistible

Fifty-five angles of light rays refraction – exactly so many facets have a classic gem in marquise diamond earrings. This truly original form over the centuries has invariably attracted admiring glances. Most often, the marquise cut diamond is encrusted into rings: a solitaire ring of this shape adorns ladies’ fingers, visually making them longer and more elegant. However, recently other types of jewellery with wedge stones began to be popular:

  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets

Such jewellery usually has a floral or fantasy pattern. After all, the marquise cut diamond plays the role of leaves, petals and other small elements of complex jewellery so well that it is impossible to take one’s eye from it.

A Variety of Marquise Diamond Earrings Options and Styles

As for the choice of jewellery, the marquise diamond earrings are suitable for absolutely everyone, without exception. Due to the specific shape of the stone, there can be a lot of variations. The most popular are of course marquise diamond dangle earrings in the form of a drop. Besides, you can choose from these types of design:

  1. Stud earrings with one stone look elegant. This jewellery is perfect for everyday wear. The elongated shape of the gem gives the modesty to these marquise diamond earrings.
  2. Diamond flower petal stud earrings look more festive, however, they are great for casual and business style, as well as for cocktail dresses.
  3. Marquise diamond dangle earrings with pear-shape below is already a solemn option. Such decoration is appropriate at a party or celebration with an evening or cocktail dress.

Such jewellery looks very impressive in gold or platinum. Marquise cut diamonds are combined with large pear-cut emeralds or rubies and small classic round-cut diamonds.

Marquise Diamond Earrings With Black Diamond

Among the variety of jewellery, it is impossible not to mention the extraordinary marquise diamond earrings with black gem. These graceful stud earrings look fantastically especially framed by a round cut white diamonds. White gold in combination with this amazing composition will give the jewellery owner an elegance, emphasise her interest in fashion trends.

If you choose marquise diamond earrings in our online store, you are very lucky, because here the price as good as possible matches the quality of the product.

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