Peridot Earrings

Peridot Earrings: The Unique Insert of Volcanic Origin

This semiprecious stone is mined in places rich in igneous rocks. Peridot is a type of quartz that is characterised by transparency and unusual greenish colour. The shade of the crystal can be either yellow-green or olive. A rather wide range of tones makes the stone a bright addition to jewellery, such as peridot earrings.

There are many legends and beliefs associated with this stone. Some people believe that peridot helps in solving complex issues, is indispensable in various disputes. In the Middle Ages, lawyers used this stone as an amulet. Merchants believed that peridot protects them from fires and robberies. Peridot is considered the stone of successful people, winners, as well as a reliable guardian of the family hearth.

Lithotherapists claim that peridot helps with heart pain, relieves nightly fears. Peridot earrings are recommended for those who suffer from sleep disturbances.

Peridot Earrings as a Symbol of Spring and Happiness

Nowadays, white gold and platinum peridot earrings are often given to women who seek to build their careers. Jewellery will also be a wonderful gift for your beloved woman. If you give peridot earrings with good wishes, from a pure heart, they will bring family happiness to their owner. These earrings can be worn anywhere:

  • To the office or business meeting
  • To the party
  • Cafe or movie theatre

You just need to choose the right clothes for this jewellery. If your outfit is too bright, the peridot may get lost against its background. Most of all, this jewellery is suitable for beauties with brown or green eyes.

The gem has a fairly high refractive index of light, therefore, peridot stud earrings may well compete in brilliance even with diamond counterparts. Such a shine becomes special in the rays of the evening sun or by candlelight, which is why the peridot is poetically called the “evening emerald”. Thanks to these properties of the mineral, peridot earrings can be a great addition to your evening look.

Peridot Earrings are Beautiful in any Performance

Modern jewellers appreciate this mineral for its brightness and unusual colour. It is used as inserts for a wide variety of products, the choice of jewellery with peridot is impressive. Gold peridot earrings are very popular because the crystal framed by a noble metal looks original and very impressive.

You can buy peridot earrings in our online store without leaving your home, just scroll through our catalogue for this. First, you need to decide which metal should be used to frame the gem. You can find photos of peridot earrings made in platinum, rose, yellow or white gold. It is worth noting that with all these metals peridot looks really harmonious.

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