Blue Sapphire Earrings

Fascinating Shades of Blue Sapphire Earrings

Although this stone comes in different shades: dark grey, pink, orange, green, yellow – the most common are various shades of blue. This colour is most successfully combined with blue sapphire earrings in white gold or platinum. Sapphire is one of the closest relatives of the ruby, which has a similar composition.

Blue sapphire earrings demonstrate one of the most saturated and bright colours among all known gems. Despite its coldness, the stone is filled with sensuality, it will make your look exciting and beautiful, turning a simple outfit into a luxurious, and everyday hairstyle into an elegant one. To buy blue sapphire earrings means always to look unsurpassed.

Blue Sapphire Earrings Will Complement Your Refined Style

Probably you are already in a hurry to start searching for the desired jewellery for you or your loved one. Of course, the choice here is also quite large, so choosing exactly what you like is not very difficult. The most popular models of blue sapphire earrings are:

  1. Classic. Strict and neat products that are suitable for any occasion. They are perfectly acceptable to wear for a walk, in the office, in a cafe, theatre, for a business meeting or family dinner. The jewellery looks very beautiful both with a strict suit and a light cocktail dress.
  2. Fantasy. This is any blue sapphire earrings that are made in a custom design or inlaid with other precious stones. These include flowers, butterflies, fish, heart, petals and more. Such jewellery will perfectly complement the summer look and are suitable for both a party and a romantic date. Fantasy blue sapphire earrings blend perfectly with a light summer dress in pastel shades.
  3. Evening. This is usually dangle earrings with a pear-cut sapphire on a pendant. Another option is the studs with a round blue sapphire and pear-shaped pendant. Such earrings are suitable for an evening dress and are usually worn for various celebrations.

There are many variations, forms and combinations and they all look simply gorgeous on the female ears.

Blue Sapphire Earrings as a Lovely Gift

Those who believe in the unique abilities of precious stones and want to use the jewellery as an amulet should buy blue sapphire earrings, which can symbolise the following:

  • Fidelity to your lover
  • Strong friendship
  • Harmony in life
  • Strong feelings

A gift can be presented to a close friend, mother, spouse or dear sister as a sign of deep respect or love.

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