Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings: The Colour of the Violets on Your Ears

Amethyst stone has been known for quite some time. For example, in ancient Greece and Egypt, dishes and decorations for the throne of the pharaoh were cut out of crystal. But now there are practically no such large stones. Now they adorn jewellery, such as amethyst earrings.

There are several amethyst names that he received for his beauty and originality. “stone of aristocrats”, “stone of a violet”. If you want to look luxurious, just buy amethyst earrings. In a gold frame, natural overflows of the stone are fully revealed, which emphasise the charm of its owner.

Amethyst earrings will be a great gift, as they symbolise love and friendship. You can show originality, and together with the traditional ring for your girl give her earrings with a purple stone. The warm flickering of gold goes well with amethyst, despite its cold shades. In lithotherapy, the stone is used for general healing of the body.

What to Choose for Amethyst Earrings – Gold or Platinum

The framing for the inserts is a precious metal – gold or platinum. The inclusion of alloying metals makes amethyst earrings wear-resistant and strong. If white gold is an alloy of gold with silver, nickel or some other metals, then platinum is pure metal. The question is, what is better platinum or white gold is rather complicated because each metal has its own advantages.

Platinum used for amethyst earrings is a white, fairly ductile and glossy material that tolerates the use of chemicals and also has anti-corrosion properties. In the natural sphere, it can be found infrequently, but not only this contributes to the high price.

Platinum has become one of the most popular jewellery materials for such reasons:

  • Perfectly stored for a long time
  • More wear-resistant
  • Does not deform under pressure

In general, platinum is the most durable metal, which allows its use not only in jewellery. Speaking about how gold differs from platinum, it should be noted that alloys with gold have lower properties of endurance and durability.

Amethyst Earrings May be Ordered Online

Today, more and more people order goods in online stores, jewellery is no exception. In the specialised section of our online store, you can choose luxurious amethyst earrings, made in a variety of styles and techniques. Earrings with large stones will complement the evening outfit, and miniature gold amethysts earrings are appropriate even in a simple office style. Vintage jewellery with amethysts look original, creating a unique look.

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