Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings are an Exclusive Complement to Your Beautiful Look

Precious stones give any product an original style. Prices for gemstone earrings vary widely and there are two main reasons: the gems themselves and the type of metal.

If we consider diamonds, then the following factors affect the cost:

  1. Diamond weight
  2. Type of stone (natural or synthetic)
  3. Purity and colour

No less important indicators are stone cutting, which gives the product a special style.

Especially popular for making earrings with diamonds in gold. White gold or platinum is the ideal combination since they convey the colour play of the precious stone to the maximum. Also, the metal sample, type of processing and other factors affect the price.

Gemstone earrings are not just a luxury accessory. It is a must-have. What woman can imagine going to a party, corporate or another event without wearing this small but highly important detail of her image?

What Shape Gemstone Earrings to Choose

Stones give the products charm, unique lustre, making them perfect, rare and attractive. When creating our jewellery, we took into account the individuality and character of each stone, cutting it into a certain metal and creating various patterns. The catalogue of our store always presents gold gemstone earrings.

Our jewellers make these accessories in a wide variety of forms and styles so that you get real unique masterpieces. Combining a variety of gold colours, platinum and different stone cut, our masters create products of extraordinary beauty. Sometimes it is even difficult to dwell on a specific option.

Earrings are chosen according to the shape of the face, the colour of hair and eyes, outfit, or simply taking into account your personal preferences. In our online store jewellery collection there are different types of gemstone earrings:

  1. Studs are small, the precious insert is mounted on a short rod, which is threaded into the earlobe hole
  2. Pendants are elongated and multi-tiered, with stones below
  3. Dangle earrings are fashionable, without fasteners, they are held in the earlobe due to their own gravity

You can also find other types of gemstone earrings: large and small exclusive and fantasy compositions.

Our Gemstone Earrings Collection

Our catalogue contains incredibly beautiful gemstone earrings made of gold or platinum as well as jewellery with semiprecious stones: Morganite, Peridot, Citrine, Amethyst or Topaz. Exclusive luxury earrings will make you look irresistible.

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