Cushion Diamond Earrings

Cushion Diamond Earrings: Beauty and Harmony Both in One Jewellery

The brilliance of jewellery with diamonds is best revealed in the evening, they look gorgeous in artificial light and in the candles glow. But even in the daytime, the jewellery of laconic models is quite appropriate, for example, a cushion diamond earrings.

Gemstone earrings with cushion cut are luxurious jewellery that will accompany you for many years, never go out of style and will remain for a long memory of a significant event in your life. Such earrings are a must-have accessory for every girl since they are always and everywhere appropriate. But the choice often becomes difficult, especially for those who want to find jewellery that fits perfectly to the individual look. That is why in our catalogue a variety of models of cushion diamond earrings are presented.

Charm Others Wearing Cushion Diamond Earrings

Properly selected accessories are an indicator of good taste. Earrings will help to complement the look, harmoniously adorn it due emphasizing your eyes, ears and neck. The shape and design of the cushion diamond earrings affect the appearance of their owner, helping to adjust the proportions of the face and even body:

  1. A wide face can be narrowed due to elongated jewellery. At the same time, volumetric cushion-cut diamonds with long flirty pendants look advantageous.
  2. With a round face shape, you should not buy cushion diamond earrings with an elongated rectangular stone. Square-shaped diamonds will soften the face proportions and focus on its beautiful features.
  3. For ladies of small stature, cushion diamond dangle earrings are recommended. They visually lengthen the silhouette, and the cushion cut stone gives it grace.
  4. A neat earlobe goes well with airy light models with small diamonds of this shape.

The best additions to small gemstones are a ring or pendant. For a large diamond, such a tandem can be intrusive, so it is recommended to choose a thin bracelet.

Your Beloved Will Be Delighted With Cushion Diamond Earrings

The range of our online store is so vast that it will help every man to find the perfect jewellery for his beloved. If you still doubt what style or shape of cushion diamond earrings to buy, contact our consultant and he will be happy to help you choose the perfect pair for your girlfriend or wife.

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