Asscher Diamond Earrings

Asscher Diamond Earrings: Complete Your Look

If you want an unusual piece of jewellery that instantly attracts the eyes of others – try Asscher diamond earrings. This exquisite gemstone cut looks advantageous in any setting. In our store you can choose Asscher diamond earrings among a variety of options:

  1. Style: Classic Earrings, Party, Vanguard
  2. Design: statement, stud, hoop, dangle
  3. Shape: flowers, butterflies, stars, abstraction
  4. Metal: rose, yellow and white gold, as well as platinum
  5. Combination with other stones: emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz

Gold diamonds earrings are an accessory that will make even the most modest look luxurious. White gold or platinum best accentuate the brilliance of a diamond.

What to Look for When Buying Asscher Diamond Earrings

The choice of jewellery always depends on where you are going and what you are wearing. For everyday wear, it is better to buy Asscher diamond earrings in the shape of a stud with or without small rings, decorated with one stone. With extravagant outfit, large fantasy gold jewellery looks appropriate: large hoops, dangle earrings, earrings similar to bunches of grapes, asymmetric and other design models of gold and platinum earrings.

The height and figure of the owner are also taken into account. It is better for miniature young ladies to wear small Asscher diamond earrings, for example, stud shape. Girls with a long neck are recommended large hoop and dangle earrings. And if the neck is wide and dense, and the face is round, it is better to wear earrings that do not protrude beyond the earlobes. Pay attention to the weight of the earrings. Heavy jewellery is suitable for special occasions, if worn every day, they burden the earlobe.

When buying Asscher diamond earrings, inspect the clasp strength and the fastening of the stone in the frame. If you have long hair or you lead an active lifestyle, choose earrings, in which the stone is held around the perimeter. A semi-mount is best for earrings that are worn occasionally.

Order Asscher Diamond Earrings Online – Easy, Fast and Convenient

Fashion changes and new trends come, styles appear and directions are born. But the love of beautiful gems remains eternal. You can watch the delightful stone ad infinitum. It is beautiful and unique, it is difficult to keep track of overflows and admire the play of light if it is Asscher diamond earrings. Every second, a new element arises before you, making it shine differently.

You can order earrings with Asscher cut stones using our website. A convenient catalogue will allow you to sort jewellery items by the models you are interested in, as well as select additional jewellery to get a nice set.

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