cushion cut engagement rings & Earrings

Cushion Cut Diamond Earring

CUSHION DIAMOND EARRINGS: BEAUTY AND HARMONY BOTH IN ONE JEWELLERY The brilliance of jewellery with diamonds is best revealed in the evening, they look gorgeous in artificial light and in the candles glow. But even in the daytime, the jewellery of laconic models is quite appropriate, for example, a cushion diamond earrings. Gemstone earrings with cushion …

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Black Diamond Earring

Black Diamond Earring

BLACK DIAMOND EARRINGS: BE EXTRAVAGANT The value of black diamonds is growing every year. Exclusive black diamond earrings of various designs and shapes will make you fall in love with the laconic style of these gems forever. The mysterious coal shade of diamonds captivates and fascinates at first sight. This jewellery is more likely for strong and …

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asscher cut engagement rings & Earring

Asscher Cut Earrings

ASSCHER DIAMOND EARRINGS: COMPLETE YOUR LOOK If you want an unusual piece of jewellery that instantly attracts the eyes of others – try Asscher diamond earrings. This exquisite gemstone cut looks advantageous in any setting. In our store you can choose Asscher diamond earrings among a variety of options: Style: Classic Earrings, Party, Vanguard Design: statement, …

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Amethyst Rings & Earring

Amethyst Earring

AMETHYST EARRINGS: THE COLOUR OF THE VIOLETS ON YOUR EARS Amethyst stone has been known for quite some time. For example, in ancient Greece and Egypt, dishes and decorations for the throne of the pharaoh were cut out of crystal. But now there are practically no such large stones. Now they adorn jewellery, such as amethyst …

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Aquamarine Rings & Earring

Aquamarine Earring

THE UNEARTHLY BEAUTY OF AQUAMARINE EARRINGS Among all the jewellery, aquamarine earrings are especially popular. Their impeccable cold shade can create a wonderful transformation of your appearance: Emphasise the colour of your eyes Add to your look lightness and mystery Emphasise your impeccable taste The choice of aquamarine earrings is quite diverse, so every lady will be …

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Blue Sapphire Earring

Blue Sapphire Earring

FASCINATING SHADES OF BLUE SAPPHIRE EARRINGS Although this stone comes in different shades: dark grey, pink, orange, green, yellow – the most common are various shades of blue. This colour is most successfully combined with blue sapphire earrings in white gold or platinum. Sapphire is one of the closest relatives of the ruby, which has a similar …

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Citrine Rings & Earring

Citrine Earring

YOUR CITRINE EARRINGS SHINE LIKE THE SUN Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone, like a ray of sunshine. Jewellery with it will give the image a charming lightness and grace. If you prefer a bright style, a honeyed stone in a gold frame will emphasize your bold mood. Choose a more relaxed format? The sparkling …

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Emerald Earring

Emerald Earring

EMERALD EARRINGS: JEWELLERY AND MASCOT Jewellery with this delightful stone is incredibly successful. Its beauty is hard to go unnoticed – the enthusiastic looks of the magnificent emerald earrings owner are guaranteed. The green colour of this stone conveys the most beautiful deep shades of spring greenery. Gold emerald earrings are made in various styles. This precious …

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Morganite Ring & Earring

Morganite Earring

THE INCREDIBLE MORGANITE EARRINGS PROPERTIES Morganite is a rare stone, which is one of the varieties of beryl mixed with manganese. A characteristic feature of the stone in morganite earrings is its delicate, unlike anything colour, which can vary from pastel-peach to floral pink and saturated violet-red hues. Morganite also has the ability to change hue depending …

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Peridot Ring and Earring

Peridot Earring

PERIDOT EARRINGS: THE UNIQUE INSERT OF VOLCANIC ORIGIN This semiprecious stone is mined in places rich in igneous rocks. Peridot is a type of quartz that is characterised by transparency and unusual greenish colour. The shade of the crystal can be either yellow-green or olive. A rather wide range of tones makes the stone a …

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