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A wide selection of solitaire diamond rings at affordable prices is offered in our online store. Make your beloved a present for the important date of her life. Choose a one ct diamond solitaire ring or sapphire solitaire ring to emphasise your exquisite taste or emerald solitaire ring to win a lady’s heart forever.


A popular and world-famous variety of engagement elegant jewellery designed for engagement is solitaire rings. Performed in a single design around the circumference, they are a symbol of pure and sincere love. A small ring made of precious metals is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a gift for their loved ones. Each beauty will be happy to wear such a ring, reminding every day of the moment when it was presented. This is a product that evokes the most exquisite compliments.

What Is The Meaning Of A Solitaire Ring

This name for the ring was not given by chance, because it is always a single stone and, as a rule, it is a diamond. However, there are other options for solitaire rings, such as sapphire and emerald. This is an ideal gift for an engagement proposal, Valentine’s Day and other significant dates (anniversary, sweet-sixteen). You can talk about your love on any day or date, and a Solitaire Ring is the best choice and a very eloquent assistant.

Prettiest Solitaire Ring is a Great Choice

A solitaire ring with a diamond is considered to be engagement, but it also looks great in everyday life. This jewellery is always relevant and fits any style of clothing, which conquers beautiful ladies.

But how to choose a solitaire ring? Following a few rules, buying this one-stone ring will never disappoint:

  • Such jewellery is made of white, rose and yellow gold or platinum, so before choosing a gift for your beloved, ask what colour her other jewellery is made in: earrings, chain, bracelet.
  • Our jewellers work with original forms, so you can choose a unique design where the precious pebble is located among geometric ornaments.
  • If your sweetheart has short fingers, it is better to purchase jewellery with a thin rim, and vice versa, longer fingers suggest jewellery with an average rim width.

Your feelings are unique, and, accordingly, the solitaire ring given by you should be one of a kind. For this, the employees of our workshop will help you create a unique design, so your sweetheart will receive a piece of jewellery that no one has.

Diamond Solitaire Ring will Tell All About Your Feelings

The diamond is the most beautiful, hardest and most sought-after gemstone. It is the shining centre of the diamond solitaire ring in our online store: a harmonious interplay of the inner radiance of the diamond with a stylish design.

A diamond is a gem that has been shaped accordingly by cutting. Chemically, this stone is carbon with a small amount of impurities, the presence of which depends on the field of the stone. Diamonds are mined on almost all continents. The ten largest mineral deposits are known worldwide.

A diamond solitaire ring brings luck, joy, wealth and comfort to its owner. People associated with the entertainment industry, such as actors, artists, photographers, are encouraged to wear diamonds. This helps to develop their individual appeal and enhance the artistic side of the owner. Therefore, people who constantly need to interact with the community for business purposes can greatly benefit from this stone.

As for the horoscope, this stone is recommended for the zodiac Libra as well as Taurus.


Sapphire is a gemstone of predominantly blue colour and its various shades, one of the varieties of Corundum, the hallmark of Corundum is the hardness of the stone. The blue colour of sapphire is determined by the presence of impurities of titanium and iron. Sapphire solitaire ring purchased in our online store is a combination of sophistication and good taste.

In the old days, sapphires called any transparent gemstones of blue or dark-blue. And even the name of the stone indicates its colour – “sappheiros” in Greek means “blue stone”. And in ancient Rome, sapphire was called “cyanus”, which is also associated with the colour of the stone, as the name translates to “cornflower”.

The ancient Romans correlated this stone with their deity Jupiter, the patron saint of sages, kings and clergy. Despite the massive popularity of the stone, it is rather mysterious and mystical. Its dark blue colour hints at deep wisdom and secret knowledge. This is truly a royal stone, often used in the decoration of royal crowns. However sapphires also come in other colours.

What sign of the zodiac is sapphire suitable for, planets Saturn and Jupiter let us know. For example, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo can use a stone as a talisman. Libra and Pisces also will not remain indifferent to the gentle shine of the mineral in the sapphire solitaire ring.

Solitaire Ring


This is a beautiful gem, one of the most interesting gems in the whole world. The main advantage of a stone in an emerald solitaire ring is its natural green colour of a wide range of shades – from rich grassy to delicate with a bluish tint.

The first mention of this stone dates back to 4000 BC when they were traded in Babylon. In ancient Egypt, the emerald mines of Cleopatra were mentioned, in which stones of amazing beauty were mined. To date, the largest field is recorded in Colombia.

The main criterion for a high-quality stone is its color. It should be saturated and uniform. Emerald is quite fragile compared to other gemstones. Crystals do not like mechanical stress. To give the color of the stone in emerald solitaire ring its intensity and depth, step processing is used.

Emerald stone can relieve the owner of headaches, nightmares and insomnia. It helps to get rid of various types of psoriasis, infections and high fever. If you wear emerald solitaire ring, it can enhance the effect of any treatment, and also save the owner from night blindness, various diseases of the stomach and cough. It is believed that if the emerald solitaire ring is put in a container of water for an hour, then the liquid will clear itself of harmful microbes.

If your zodiac sign is Gemini, Taurus or Cancer, according to stone astrology, the emerald solitaire ring will bring you good luck.

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