Black Diamond Earring

Black Diamond Earring


The value of black diamonds is growing every year. Exclusive black diamond earrings of various designs and shapes will make you fall in love with the laconic style of these gems forever. The mysterious coal shade of diamonds captivates and fascinates at first sight. This jewellery is more likely for strong and purposeful women who are not afraid to be constantly in the epicentre of fashion events.

Thanks to the dark shade of the diamond, such an extraordinary gift will be remembered by your colleague, boss, relative or loved one. The decoration will emphasize the refined nature of its owner and add chic to her fashionable image.

Not only women loved black diamonds. Men also began to look with great interest at these unusual crystals. They can be restrained-business and at the same time luxuriously evening. It all depends of course on your clothes.

Earring customizable into Black Diamond Earring


There are a large number of forms and types of black diamond earrings, among which you can always find the perfect option for you. Whether it is modest accessories that gently place light accents in your image or bright details that can attract the attention of others around you – the choice depends on the specific situation, nature and goals that you pursue:

  1. White gold stud earrings look elegant and very stylish. The central stone in this model is often framed with small white diamonds.
  2. Dangle black diamond earrings of platinum, rose or white gold look best with a black stone cut cushion below. It may also have a halo.
  3. Thin huggie hoop earrings of gold in different colours are another variation for a strict or casual style of clothing. The accessory is also suitable for everyday wear.

Indian astrologers and mediums associated black diamonds with the eyes of snakes, giving gems unusual wisdom. The Italians still believe that jewellery with black crystals as night can help restore the broken marital relationship.


In our catalogue, you will find gold black diamond earrings of various types of cut. By going to the product page, you can check out information about its characteristics. If you have any questions, our store manager will help you choose or consult on the details you are interested in.