Aquamarine Rings & Earring

Aquamarine Earring

THE UNEARTHLY BEAUTY OF AQUAMARINE EARRINGS Among all the jewellery, aquamarine earrings are especially popular. Their impeccable cold shade can create a wonderful transformation of your appearance: Emphasise the colour of your eyes Add to your look lightness and mystery Emphasise your impeccable taste The choice of aquamarine earrings is quite diverse, so every lady will be …

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pink sapphire earrings

pink sapphire earrings

THE MAGIC OF STONE IN PINK SAPPHIRE EARRINGS Gold with sapphire gives a very unusual combination: the bright shine of the noble metal contrasts very softly with the cool shade of the gem, creating an interesting stylistic effect. In most cases, pink sapphire earrings are encrusted with round corundums of various weights. Large teardrop-shaped crystals can often …

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